130 Squares Meters With Mansard An Apartment On The Top Floor Doubles Exploiting The Attic House

Previously used as a utility room, the attic of the apartment on the fourth floor of a building in Milan has been completely transformed by being able to sopralzare the ridge portion of the more than two meters coverage. It has thus been able to obtain a large sleeping area with two bedrooms each with walk-in closet and a bathroom, attached to the existing floor below by a graceful spiral staircase in Liberty style (recovered from a junk shop and used again after it has been restored and repainted) and a scenic walkway entirely glazed.
The new load-bearing structure of the roof, of metallic carpentry left exposed, it gives the upper floor a vaguely industrial character, becoming strategically here and there in decorative detail. One aspect offset by the physical presence of the dividing walls of the plan for the living area, dematerialized with strategic cuts and with the clever use of natural light, the real architectural component transformed into the protagonist of every room in the house.

In the middle of the entrance hall a triangular niche – obtained by opening the load-bearing perimeter wall and replacing it with a corner bay window – creates a small elegant relaxation area, overlooking the greenery of the terrace. The wooden bench seat, whose whiteness is broken by ethnic cushions, also serves to conceal a low radiator, functional to counter caused by the presence of the glass can winter thermal shock.


As a link between the lower floor and the attic he was chosen a Liberty period spiral staircase recovered in a junk shop and it restored, painting it in a contemporary white: a good solution that softens the backbone of the new attic floor, and at the same time gives an touch of yesteryear to the collection.


The attic floor, where the sleeping area, was carried forward by lifting the ridge of the roof by more than two meters, in order to make habitable spaces below. The metal structural work load-bearing structure – which significantly reduces the load increases in new coverage compared to other engineering solutions – is deliberately left exposed, to underline its architectural appearance. A scenic walkway crystal and also painted white iron connects the spiral staircase to the attic finished parquet. Styled with the vaguely casing industrial look, the spots “technical” Le Perroquet de IGuzzini, born to the Beaubourg in Paris.


The girls’ room, located on the bottom of the sleeping area, uses light of two large openings and rasofalda as in the rest of the attic lets you see all the metallic structural elements served sopralzare coverage. A design choice that gives character to the whole and at the same time lightens the perception of the bearing structure, entirely declined in bright shades of light wood and white, except for the sober and austere antique wardrobe.


Great brightness to the master bedroom, located in the attic at the exact opposite of the girls’ room. Here too marked contrasts data from furniture mostly vintage and metal details of the new metal of the cover frame, treated almost like architectural decorations. More discreet artificial lighting, left to small lamps on time, both antique, like the twin on the dresser lamp, both contemporary, like the slender rod articulated on nightstand.


The bottom wall of the room, covered with mirror plates, helps to broaden the perspective and especially to multiply the natural light reflections of the two large square windows rasofalda. A solution that dematerialises structural boundaries of the environment and repeats ad infinitum even the luminous transparency of the runway for landing and the transparent glass balustrade. The choice of a box spring with no headboard and the underlying volume helps to focus attention on pieces of antique furniture and on a framework deliberately tight angle with oval golden frame.


Harmonious blend of past and present for the kitchen, overlooking a small open space separated only by a glass wall to enhance the brightness: the new Ikea kitchen cabinet fronts the old grandmother, a very useful pantry and to store crockery and services on demand. characteristic details such as antique chandelier, the mismatched chairs or the long ladder on which to place the wipers, make the set in the elegant and family the same time, removing the “coldness” of the metal structure of the glass wall.


Great compositional sophistication to the bathroom of the master bedroom, with a low wooden woodwork framing the bath, filmed by horizontal geometric bands of the same material applied to the wall. Even in this environment, as in the room, the mirrors help to expand the space and to reflect light of rasofalda window. The Ideal Standard sanitary suspended Ala help to lighten the set, as broke through on them, exploiting the long masonry floor as a support for beauty products and small items accessories.

Project: arch. Vittorio Garatti with ing. Claudio Dotti
Photo: Study Vittorio Garatti

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