60 + 50 square meters: A House with Items Disappearing House Life

A distribution more suited to the new living environment has radically changed what was originally a productive space. On the lower level, which has an area of ??about 60 square meters, and is entirely dedicated to the living area, has been eliminated any existing internal division to make room for a unique environment: developed in length, it is furnished with a few essential elements. Under renovation it was then also recovered the attic, about 50 square meters, to create two bedrooms and two bathrooms.


In the living room a large corner sofa, supplemented by a pouf coordinated in the same dark blue finish, that looks onto the large glass window. The conversation area receives light from above, thanks to a rectangular cut in the slab between the two floors that has allowed to realize a sort of internal skylight. Under the stairs, the TV area is furnished with a minimal table top glass which is one with the flat screen television. • Sofa: Ikea • Floor lamp: Tolomeo Mega Artemide • ceiling lamp: Net 66 of Artemis


In the area of ??the kitchen, two aesthetically very similar solutions hide behind doors in white matt lacquer, respectively the pantry containers and modules, along the opposite wall, four service areas with different functions. The result? Everything becomes absolutely invisible. In the kitchen island multifunction, also used as a snack top, the sink and the induction hob are recessed into the top of brushed steel. The lighting comes everywhere, and at different angles, thanks to the three ceiling lamps adjustable and extendable arm. The central block is built on a design like all other furniture in the operational area. • lamps: Artemide Tolomeo, designed by Michele De Lucchi (461 euro).

On the two walls of the kitchen, 5 camouflaged functions


1. Behind the central island of the kitchen, a composition with compartments and drawers of different sizes also integrates columns fridge, oven and freezer and compartments to hold tableware and household items table.
2. The study area – On the opposite wall, the first compartment to the window contains a work plan for the PC: 130 cm wide, is supplemented by a chest of drawers and 30 cm deep shelves. The two hinged doors are hinged so as to allow an opening to 180°.
3. The utility room – is arranged on one side with shelves for storing detergents and containers of recycling; on the other there are the scale, scope and other tall objects.
4. Hand washing for guests – In less than 2 square meters is no place for a round basin and, at the side, for a small wardrobe. With a presence detector, the light turns on automatically when you enter the room.
5. Wardrobe and shoe cupboard – The last compartment is occupied by a hanger for coats, full also of shelves for shoes and double-height shelves.


The upper floor, which leverages the attic spaces, is dedicated to night environments. In the master bedroom the white headboard of the bed away visually colored wall making it look deeper room. In the bedroom fabric bed with removable white fabric, bedspreads and pillows in contrasting colors, it hides a large storage space under the net. • Read: World Convenience • Floor lamp: Parentheses of Flos, Achille Castiglioni Design (220 euro).


Wardrobe open: Adjacent to the master bedroom, the closet has no closing elements. At the entrance a mirrored panel full height reflects the transition zone between the bed and the wall, overturning the prospects of the room and amplifying the size.

In the room of the children the area where there are two beds, arranged along the wall, is highlighted by orange painting of the walls. This shade contrasting visually identifies the rest of the space than that devoted to the game. • Beds: Ikea • Applique: Mesmeri of Artemis (led version, 290 EUR)

Trai two floors a light well

A glass insert in the floor
A rectangular cut in the floor, closed by a transparent glass plate, visually unites the children’s room to the living room. This solution provides better illumination of the floor below because through the glass insert, the light arrives from the skylights in the roof slab.
–  Since the structural work, before making a link of this kind you would require the approval of a structural engineer to make the necessary checks.
–  The insert was obtained by inserting into the opening between the two planes
– Measuring 180 x 80 cm – a high strength laminated glass.
–  With thickness of about 3 cm, it is walkable and has the range of a normal slab, ie 250 kg per square meter.
–  In the boys room, the plate is positioned perfectly to the parquet floor level which has no continuity; glass, slightly larger than the opening, protrudes a few centimeters along the perimeter of the latter and, for greater safety, is glued to the support.


service environment, adjacent to the master bedroom, is revived in the finish the same color alternating white and “powder blue”, which is added the warm shade of the oak floor. A long, narrow plant, the venue was still exploited elements on all four sides. In the bathroom ceiling it has a sloping trend that follows the sloping roof. The tub-shower is in the highest while in the lower area are installed – one facing the other – health care and laundry. The area is lit from above by a skylight. • Sanitation: 49 Concept by Ceramica Globo • washbasin: Ceramica Flaminia Nuda 85 (excluding VAT, 481 euro) • Taps: Stick Paffoni


We like saving: On one of the short sides of the bath, the area where the ceiling is lowered more in way of the slope of the roof – was closed by doors in matt white lacquered; without handles, they are integrated with the wall. The depth of the large utility room thus obtained, more than 60 cm, it also allows you to insert a standard size washing machine portholes.


The tub in the bathroom parquet floor in the wooden cladding continues on the outside of the tank, thus emphasizing the continuity between the horizontal surface and vertical. At one end, the basin is shielded by a clear glass panel that lets you use the tub as well shower.


Downstairs the distribution fits the long and narrow shape of the plant, with environments and functions that are followed within an open space. The entrance is located on one of the long sides, while large openings, positioned at the two ends, create a corridor of light from one part of the house.
The living room occupies the corner to the left of the entrance, at the window, and the staircase leading to the attic level. The dining table, in the center of the plant, on the other hand uses the length of the wall and is halfway between the living and the kitchen.


1 Input – 2 Living Room – Dining Area 3 – 4 Kitchen

Upper floor


1 stair- 2 Bedroom guys – 3 Patio – 4 Bathroom – 5 Walk-in closet – 6 Bedroom

Project: arch. Laura Pesaro, Milan
Photo: Cristina Fiorentini

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