90 + 10 Square Meters For A House That Takes Advantage Of Good Spaces

From the structural elements to the arrangement of the functional areas and the furnishing solutions: apartment’s main feature is to let everything in view. Especially in the living area, open and very luminous, it occupies the largest room in the house. ? the protagonist of the interior – in the restored an attic previously uninhabitable – is the wooden roof structure, maintained its natural color and in every environment. ? The house has a whole contemporary inspiration, defined by furniture and accessories simple and essential line; with a prevalence of shiny and reflective finishes that emphasize the natural light making it look the most nice.


In the open space of the living area, with a display on two sides, all functions are connected to each other but at the same time clearly identified: this thanks to a studied practical organized. The conversation area, furnished with a large corner sofa upholstered in pearl gray linen, looks back on the kitchen: become elements of partial separation is the peninsula with the cooking area is the cylindrical volume of decorative hood, suspended in the center of ‘ environment.


In the open kitchen on the living, the elements of composition – arranged in a U – circumscribe the working space than the rest of the environment. Along the wall, to follow the sloping roof height wasting less space as possible, they have been used for production modules to which are added some measure items. The kitchen is furnished with a composition on three sides which provides a linear block along the wall and a large peninsula with L-shaped form that integrates the washing and cooking areas; over the top, a rectangular Corian insert is used as a cutting board. • Kitchen Program: Euromobil • Refrigerator: Liebherr • ovens and hobs Whirlpool • Tap: Newform • Hood: Falmec

Equip the indentations

Shelves at the right place
Two solutions, one of furniture and architecture, made it possible to obtain more space for books, the best use of available depths without losing even one centimeter.

A library in the kitchen …

The wall under the slope of the roof is decorated according to the variations in height. In the composition in line, the triangle that remains free above the refrigerator and the two modules in the column was filled with an element formed by shelves: customized, is fixed to the side wall and rests also on the cabinet below.

… And two in the living room
Under the mezzanine, between the bearing wall and the pillar it is a niche obtained by blotting the space between two shoulder with a partition often only 8 cm. Deep about 35 cm and illuminated by a flexible arm spotlight, this has been used to put two twin libraries, formed by shelves with variable depths.


The dining area has a very bright corner of the living at the door which gives access to the terrace. rectangular table and chairs have a structure with thin lines, that reduces the visual impact. The floor is covered with large porcelain slabs (60 × 60 cm), with a glossy finish that mimics the effect of stained glass. • Table and chairs: Baron and Eau Calligaris


The height of the ridge of the roof area allowed to obtain elevated study area overlooking the living room with a metal balcony. The loft is illuminated by a skylight on this sloping.

masonry structure

In the middle of the apartment it has been realized an elevated area of ??about 10 square meters, crossed by the pillar that supports the roof covering. The structure of the intermediate floor is formed by steel beams fixed to the perimeter walls and the wall plug to the center of the plant. The floor – to reduce the thickness and therefore have, both above and below, the minimum height required by the legislation – was made of corrugated sheet; then filled with a concrete casting.


As the scale is made

The ramp, with U-shaped pattern, is built around the central column masonry that closes the stairs and fencing part of the climb. In the thickness of this full volume has been “carved out” a niche, useful as a support surface. The stairs have risers and treads covered with porcelain tiles as the floor. The parapet, brushed steel, is protected at the bottom of a plate made of shatterproof tempered glass.


The beams and planks that form the new roof structure is made of laminated spruce. This material, very suitable for structural elements, has the aesthetic qualities of the solid united to a higher resistance. The study area, which occupies the space of the long and narrow loft is furnished with a bookcase that, against the wall, takes advantage of the reduced height under the sloping roof. Arranged on the short side, the position with the desk can make the most of natural lighting from the skylight that opens onto the pitched. The floor is covered with porcelain tiles, as in the rest of the house.

Lamellar: what is it?
It is a natural wood-based composite material is obtained by a technological process that involves gluing pressure of thin slats (or “lamellae”) of solid wood. It is thus possible to produce industrially elements of the desired size they have a very good relationship between weight and mechanical strength. Among the properties of laminated there are also the good thermal insulation and fire resistance.


In the sleeping area the master bedroom is lit by an opening dormer. This type of window is very often found in attics: to achieve it slightly raises the water table at the window. The high height of the sub-window, about 140 cm, has been exploited to insert a chest of drawers.

Two functional solutions for bathrooms


The counter-wall behind the bath High about 90 cm, the masonry structure allows to space the tub from the wall under the slope of the roof and thus recover a bit ‘in height. The counter-wall also allows the installation of hydraulic pipes and is used in the upper part as a shelf.

A wall for laundry To create a sort of niche in which to place the washing machine, and so shield the laundry area than that of health, was created a brick septum. About 100 cm high and 10 deep, is used at the top as a support for the accessories of the laundry.

The project

The top floor apartment, with a surface area of ??about 90 square meters, was internally distributed taking as fixed points the pillar and the existing bearing wall, at the center of the plant, which could not be modified. The entrance opens on open space that integrates living, dining table and kitchen. To the left of the entrance, next to the staircase, a passage introduces the hallway of the sleeping area that is so sharply divided. The latter includes two bedrooms, one double and a child’s bedroom, and two adjacent bathrooms. In the middle of the dwelling was built a small loft with a surface area of ??about 10 square meters, facing the living room below, a space becomes more used as a study.

First floor




Input 1 – Living 2 – 3 kitchen – 4 dining area – Terrace 5 – 6 Scale – 7 Double room – Room 8 – Bathroom 9 – 10 Zone studio

Project: arch. Stefania Sartori [email protected]
Photo: Cristina Fiorentini

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