A Charming House Decorated In White Ideas

This charming two bedroom house is decorated in such a way that you can refer back to the beginning of the 20th century, something very typical of the Shabby Chic decoration, despite that, it counts with a very warm and functional decoration. White is the dominant dominant in this decoration, in addition to being a house that has a lot of natural light. The use of white, can also refer to the Scandinavian style.

This house has been restored and is full of character, has rosettes, stucco ceilings, an old stove and an oval shaped wall with brick finishes, something that gives it a unique look. All these elements make this house captivating and harmonize in all its heyday. On entering we let ourselves be seduced by a lobby with checkerboard in black and white, it is when passing where we find a living room decorated in white. Floors with cream colored wooden boards and brick wall. The large windows get a lot of incredible natural light. The living room and the kitchen create a clear and flowing area.

The kitchen is completely white (kitchen furniture, dashboard, walls and floors), the touch of color is the worktop, which is wood-colored. This kitchen makes good use of the corner, something that helps you to gain a lot of space.

The room is decorated following the general tone of the house: white, with simple furniture and a touch chic-Scandinavian. The antique staircase to keep the trousers is vintage and very original.

Eye with the old stove of the corner, one of those pieces of museum that gives a special aspect to an ordinary room. Using two old chairs as night tables is also a great idea. The bedroom is large enough to have a desk to work and study.

The bathroom is small but functional and has an integrated washing tower.

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