A Family Sized House

With such a traditional distribution as fluid and functional, the interior has been redesigned “tailored” to the needs of a family of four and enhanced with classic pieces of design. The apartment of 120 square meters is characterized by the cut of the interior that allows you to cleanly divide the functions without losing the big picture; and without spaces, also those passing, never go wasted. dwelling at the entrance to the living area occupies the largest area of ​​the home, integrating living and dining area; The complete an independent kitchen and study. The sleeping area, preceded by a corridor-hallway, has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The neutral tones prevail, as well as the contemporary taste furnishings, though interspersed with some classic designer pieces and ethnic touches and vintage; and in the definition of environments it plays an important role when choosing a luminaire.


The conversation area overlooking the kitchen, through a wide “window” in the dividing wall. In the furnishings of the living room beige and black alternate with sharp visual contrast. The corner sofa with covering made from old fashioned upholsterer, is complemented by a leather armchair, another design classic ’30s. • Leather Armchair: Barcelona by Knoll, designed by Mies van der Rohe (in the basic version, Tax excl. € 4,980) • Mobile: Pianca • Applique above the picture: Lucellino by Ingo Maurer (230 EUR)

A window between the living and kitchen

Much more than just a pass-through: the opening between the two rooms of the living area – about 100 cm from the ground, 140 cm wide – responds to different aesthetic and practical needs. While maintaining separate kitchen and living room with two entrances, the solution makes it possible to have an internal connection, not only visually, and favors the passage of light; the depth of about 30 cm of varnished wooden floor at the base of the opening, projecting on both sides, allows to obtain a mini floor snacks.

no complex operation

An opening of this type can be realized in a newly constructed or existing partition wall. In the first case the position is simply determined and planned in the design stage; in the second, it is the brickwork partially demolished to obtain a compartment of the size and shape desired. Before proceeding, it is important to ensure that the wall does not pass within the affected water systems, electrical or flues. Technically, the procedure is similar to that for realizing a door. Once practiced the opening in the partition (typically 10-12 cm deep) is Caulking and shave the edges so as to have a square inner perimeter; the entire wall is then reintonacata and painted.


All the walls of the kitchen are exploited to the maximum to enter the different elements that make up the operating zone. Is not lost even the band over the opening of the hatch, occupied in all its length by a horizontal roof, partly closed and partly glazed, with folding openings.


In the kitchen the composition in white oak finish and is on several sides, alternating with the column bases and wall modules, among which are joined by a wall strip covered with small bright tiles; the top is laminated with stainless steel frame. At the center of the room is space for a dining table for 4-6 people. • Kitchen Program: Euromobil • Suspension lamp: Balun Metal Spot (VAT excl. € 158)


At the center of the house, including living and sleeping areas, the studio is equipped with a double bench that develops in line along the wall. A square-shaped floors and shelves are nicely juxtaposed vintage chairs, renovated in an original way. in the study to a reduced depth the mobile allows to exploit also the angle between the window and the desks. The floor, as in the rest of the house is made of iroko wood: an essence of Asian origin, very tough, which offers high strength, even water and humidity and adapts well to any environment. • Aluminium Shelves: Robots


Chairs: creative reclamation low cost

Traditional kitchen chairs of the 60 have been transformed with new finishes do-it-yourself and adapted well to the study area. For one, it used the decoupage technique: easy and of great decorative effect. The wooden surfaces of the legs, seat and back – once cleaned and sanded – have been coated sheets of a newspaper comic strip, glued with special adhesive; the surfaces are then finished with clear varnish. The other chair after a fine sanding, was instead painted with acrylic paint used for both red background for both white floral decorations; also in this case the final polishing is performed with one or more coats of clear varnish.


In the master bedroom, on the wall as a backdrop to the textile bed, the design library curved modules draws an impressive spiral. The side wall is occupied by a large built-to-ceiling sliding doors. One different from the bedside tables: one is an ethnic model in wood, the other a coffee table with glass top. • Table Lamp Nesso by Artemide, design Giancarlo Mattioli (257 EUR) • suspended Bookseller: Bookworm Kartell, design Ron Arad (in the basic version, 258 euro) • Pillows: Akerkulla Ikea (19,99 €)


In the master bedroom closet in ethnic style placed between the bed and the window contrasts pleasantly with the linearity and neutral tones of the other furnishings. Solid wood, is a handmade piece of Chinese origin, painted red to opaque enamel and finished with yellow-gold decorations.


The long, narrow corridor that distributes the rooms is by no means a lost space: furnished with essential service units and enhanced by contemporary art paintings in bright colors, it is seen as an integral part of the house. hidden containers: Decorating the hall in a functional way, minimizing the footprint: two mobile twins with reduced depth of only 25 cm mark the path along the wall. Are used as console and table top, but also hide the less prominent shoe function and each module can contain up to 10 pairs of shoes. Suspended 30 cm from the ground, do not interrupt the continuity of the parquet and facilitate cleaning.


The particularity of the cabinet that contains the washing machine, with standard 60 x 60 cm size, is to have the door that opens laterally to make accessible the porthole. It is not so hindered the movement in the area around the sink and it also takes advantage of the corner with a large surface.


In children’s bedrooms online composition includes two single bunk beds, both equipped with wheels, so when not in use, take up the space of just one; at the sides, two column cupboards and above a container compartment in horizontal development with sliding opening. • Room Program: Zalf


The bathroom is decorated with a composition of suspended container modules. The basin in square shape ceramic is a semi-recessed model: this solution is advantageous in a small bathroom because it allows you to combine a standard depth to sink a top and a shallow cabinet. On the bathroom walls were laid, up to a height of 180 cm, ceramic tiles with internal cuts that reproduce the appearance of the mosaic tiles. The final effect is very similar. While on the ground are always in stoneware, and in the same nuance, the rectangular elements that mimic the look of wood.

The plan of the house project


1 Input – Living 2 – 3 Kitchen – Studio 4 – 5 Corridor – Bathroom 6 – 7 Double room – Room 8 – 9 Balcony

Additional information about the project: On the left of the entrance, the kitchen is in a separate room accessed through a sliding door. The irregular pattern that characterizes the perimeter wall of the room is due to corner location that the apartment is inside the building; the advantage is the overlooking of the rooms on three sides.
In the sleeping area, disengaged with respect to entry and residence, there are two service areas, one of which also has facilities such as laundry. As required by law, since the main bathroom has a window, it is allowed that the second is blind, mechanical ventilation system.

Photo: Cristina Fiorentini

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