A House Organized As A Loft Attic House

Organized as a large loft on the first floor attic, the house was a large, fully empty space, with four central pillars supporting the gabled roof. Have been preserved, however, the functions and the most private areas with a traditional plant: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room and, at the other extreme, a professional studio. The natural light was enhanced by the white monochromatic choice, with candid walls and partitions, exposed beams and bearing wooden structure equally Snowy Egrets, pavement of oak planks and scratched. Including mezzanine floors, measures around 300 square meters.




The hallway leading to the most private part of the house offers a glimpse articulated, modulated by the strategic position of the volume of the rooms and libraries in relation to the load-bearing pillars, as well as by natural light coming through flush openings and wall. The only concession to color, in addition to the books coasts, the cheerful polka dots in red carpets leading to the heart of the home.


Central with respect to the extension of the attic, the entrance to a square plan stairway is closed on the first floor by a black steel volume, white glass and clear glass. Interesting dialogue between the same materials, such as brick pavement, and today, including the steel of the structure and the crystal of the parapets, devoid of carrier frame to increase the transparency and lightness of the whole.




The small and low guest room, built in a loft which is accessed via a staircase next to the kitchen is more spacious thanks to white and the lighting of a Velux skylight. Welcomes a double mattress placed directly on oak floorboards like a Japanese futon. Even here photographs in large sizes resting on the floor and a stylish coffee table as a valet.


Total-white even in the small bathroom of the study, however, a shower, carved into the photographer’s work area landlord, at the opposite end of the attic over the kitchen. Above the bath a technical mezzanine, with all facilities for heating (floor with condensing boiler) and the cooling of the apartment.



Photo: Andrea Alessio
Project architect Silvia Bortolini

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