A House Pointing To The Savings

The house of one more bathroom space was carved from a single house, dividing it into three independent parts, and well-organized. Perfect for a single or a young couple, while in the essentially of its endowment, is functional and under. Thanks to the high ceilings, to derive the room has been realized a loft; the bathroom and the kitchen area occupy the space below.

1 – vintage furniture
Between sessions of the living room, a convertible sofa that allows you to increase the number of beds: was recovered and coated juxtaposing contrasting fabrics for structure and seat cushion. They are the modern antique red leather chair, the kitchen table ’60s with metal legs and top in Formica, and the swing-arm lamp, a design classic that dates back to the 30’s but it is still in production.

2 – Another table top

Under the window two metal drawers from an old hardware store have been placed “upside down” and turned into low cabinet.

The living area in an open environment and double-height, is divided into two areas: in the middle of the space devoted to the lunch; on the back wall of the sitting room. The decor blends with pleasant taste contemporary furniture to vintage pieces. On the wall, the painting executed with charcoal technique is to Alessandro Papari. • Chairs: Ikea • Red Pouf: Tatino Cerruti Baleri • Lamp: FontanaArte Naska

3- The kitchen Economic …

The kitchen is spread along the wall bordering the bathroom, a solution that allows you to focus your plant and save on renovation costs. Given the size of the composition, to have free space at the sides of the cooker, this is the center, between the sink and countertop. Of course, more is small and it costs less. In this case, the composition is really essential: three-base of 60 cm, one with the oven and the other with the fridge undermount. Unique closed compartment for storing the cabinet above the sink. But to save also has the choice of finishes, for example, front and work plan are laminated. Material of the most practical and affordable, allows you to choose between aesthetics wood or stone effect, but also exists in colorful and decorative versions.


4 – Wall unit and drainer at sight

The washing area, as compact, it is convenient to use, thanks to the plan centimeters remain free between the sink and the shoulder masonry that closes the kitchen. On this same wall, in addition, it is set a drainer, so that the only wall unit is exploited to contain.


The all-white kitchen, perfect for an environment that integrates the stay is enhanced by tools and colored objects, such as the plate of red clay of Moroccan crafts. The wall behind the working area is protected by tiles 60 × 60 cm durable porcelain stoneware neutral tint. • Shelves, drainer and cooking: Ikea • laminate flooring: Leroy Merlin.

5 – The niche with shelves

A structural column along the wall creates a constraint on the length of the kitchen, which is reduced of about 30 cm. To avoid wasting space, the recess that is created is exploited to an extent cut shelves.

6- floor cheap

Also for ground coverings has pointed to savings: to have a pleasant aesthetic result, which would guarantee a cozy atmosphere, it has opted for a laminate that mimics the surface of the wood. The floors in this material simulate the effect wood, an aesthetic that is good in person to assess the dealer, on larger surfaces than the single panel. It is a multi-layer product: at the center, of wood fibers and resinous binders; above, printed decorative paper (usually imitation wood), coated with a transparent film, tough and durable. Numerous advantages: abrasion resistance, ease of installation practicable on any surface (from the carpet to ceramic) and maintenance cost, excellent sound and thermal insulation. Finished with self-locking tappings for installation without adhesives, it can be used immediately after installation; damaged parts are replaceable.

7 – In the bathroom mirror and top with DIY

In the compartment adjacent to the kitchen and the downstairs room, the bathroom has brown tile floors. A wall instead beige tiles and white paint create a visual effect of increased brightness, also functional to the fact that the room has no window (usually permissible situation in homes with lower surface area to 70 square meters).
’50s, the mirror with carved friezes above the sink was first treated with a special brush and then repainted gold. The basin floor instead was built from scratch: two scaffolding planks (superposed and fastened with nails) have been sanded and finished with clear gloss varnish. Predisposed with holes for mixer and sink, they are pegged to the wall thanks to L-shaped shelf.


red container: Kartell Modular three compartments • Fittings, tiles and sanitary: everything from Leroy Merlin.

8 – headboard do-it-yourself and leaps of double

Colorful and lively, the double bed consists of a simple slatted. The headboard is actually composed of three wall panels fixed: with wooden frame and foam rubber pads, are upholstered in cotton and side by side so as to be one piece. The springs which acts as a bed frame instead is actually a bedspread in linen simply supported on the base: hotelhas have a decorative effect also serves to shield the network and the supports on the ground.

9 – Cabinet on wheels

It is not a table or a container attached to the bed can also have a bedside table. Obtained with a really negligible cost, it is constituted by two superposed boxes without lid, of which the lower one has been equipped with wheels. The top one, used upside down, offering the fund as a shelf.


10 – Recovery Scale

A metal ladder to the linear ramp without risers, linking the underlying layer with white soppalco.Verniciata and with a thin handrail that doubles as a balustrade, has a visual impact minimo.Proveniente from a construction site, after careful sanding, It has been painted with a brush with white semi-gloss paint, in line with the finish of the walls. To adapt the height to that required to connect the loft, it is due, however, providing a step further: the solution is optimal because the base has been added a small square size landing which also makes it more comfortable access from the sides .


Linear ramp scale originally produced by DC Scale.

The project of the studio


Mezzanine: the permitted heights


The apartment’s size has been increased with the construction of a mezzanine reserved for the bedroom area with built-in closet. It has been achieved to 230 cm in height thanks to the total of almost 5 meters.
For the spaces below the minimum height generally should not be less than 210 cm.Anche above, if the new structure must be designed to stay of persons, between finished floor and the ceiling must be at least 210 cm. Furthermore, the surface of the loft, excluding access the scale, must not exceed one third of that of the local loft.

When, however, the height, both for the part below that for the above, is at least 220 cm (as in this case), the loft can get to have half the surface of the space.

Bathroom and kitchen below, the room on the mezzanine


Project architect Filomena Carbonelli
Photo: Cristina Fiorentini

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