A House Renovated For Energy Efficiency

From the outside, the building appears austere, ancient, features stone walls and tiny windows; on the contrary, the interior is spacious, bright and contemporary. The living room with double height, furnished with few selected furnishings, is the centerpiece of the living area. A neutral color palette emphasizes the space. A staircase ago by siding with the other two levels: the lower one includes service areas and relaxation while the upper one is the sleeping area. The villa’s restructuring has included numerous interventions of building requalification from the energy point of view: it was realized the thermal insulation of the entire case and were replaced the old windows with triple-chamber models PVC. The heating / cooling system is controlled with radiant floor, combined with a dehumidification system to prevent surface condensation on the floor. The house also has a burglar alarm and home automation system that controls the lights, opening and closing of windows and heating system.


The large living room is the heart of the living area and looks like an environment partially double height. The sofa area is raised, in a sort of mezzanine that serves as a link with the scale. To break the verticality of the environment, at the upper level floor, the walls are painted in a shade darker. • Balustrade: glass measure, carried out by the Glassmaking of Villafranca di Verona


At the living room, the loft is protected by a glass wall that shields completely the environment and creates depth. The book was intended as a sleeping area. A corridor leads to the second bedroom and the bathroom.


The dining area is set in a secluded corner of the living. The antique furniture mixed with pieces of design furniture such as orange cupboard that stands on the environment neutral palette. • Madia: Cassina Bramante • Spotlights and wall: Puntoled Italy


Under renovation, the existing beams were sandblasted and painted with a clear paint, so as to improve the brightness. All openings, including the ceiling, are a thermal break PVC. Always to improve the performance efficiency of the building, it was added a counter wall in double-sheet plasterboard, with 10 cm of pre-compressed rock wool. • Skylights: Velux


The kitchen is a functional environment characterized by geometric volumes. The square footage of the environment has been enlarged by demolishing the wall toward the porch and moving outward. On this occasion it was also inserted a door wider. The Corian countertop and stainless steel is heated from the back wall, painted with yellow water enamel. The color becomes the dominant theme of the environment and is repeated on the opposite wall at the sliding door. • kitchen PVC • Enamel: Delta-colored • Sliding door: by design, created by The Vetraria Villafranca di Verona • oven and microwave: Honey • Induction Plan: Neff • Mixer: Plasters

The original layout of the rooms of the first floor has undergone some changes. To expand the size of the rooms is a single bathroom was built, overlooking the hallway between the two bedrooms. A glass wall and mirrored shields the loft and helps to provide natural light to the room while maintaining privacy.


The master bedroom is characterized by the presence of the bed at the center of the space. To the right and left open the cupboards areas, screened by doors custom-made wood and glass. The flooring throughout the bedroom is wood. • Doors cabins cabinets: a design RUPIANI carpentry and The Vetraria • Flooring: Lux Berti


soft colors and indirect lighting for the bathroom of the ground floor, characterized by a rectangular plan. The sink has been custom designed with a bath in the extra large size steel. Comes complete with a round shower (not shown here) and a couple of suspended sanitary. The wall covering is earthen, resin at the shower area. • Sanitation: App series of Flaminia • Wall Mixers: Ergo Q Newform


The bathroom of the first floor is shared by the two bedrooms. The sink, always drawing on steel, takes the form of the old washing with a rounded bottom. In the lower part, the volume intersects a mobile container which is also made to measure. Next to the shower, a mobile container has been entered for the towels.


Externally the house has kept the original imprint. The stone outer walls are highlighted by indirect lighting that create an alternation of light and dark.

Plants Project



1 Kitchen – 2 Day – 3 Bathrooms – 4 bunk area / hobby


Ground floor
5 Kitchen – Dining Area 6 – Bathroom 7 – 8 Parlor – Living Room 9 – 10 Porch


First floor
Room 11 – Bathroom 12 – 13 Walk-in closet – Master bedroom 14

Project Imarchitect
Photo: Michele Rascals

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