A House To Be Copied : 10 Ideas Between Furniture And Decor Ideas

The apartment, located on the top floor of a building of the 30’s in the center of Milan, was expanded by annexing the previously uninhabitable areas of the attic. In effect an extra floor, and in fact the area has nearly doubled: 46 + 41 square meters. In addition, at the highest level, it was possible to have a separate sleeping area with two bedrooms and a bathroom, while on the entrance floor of the day it opens and becomes a comfortable single environment. The interiors, then revisited by a radical restructuring, purchase brightness and lightness: a few pieces of furniture that link the design without sacrificing the practicality of solutions.


In the living area a few essential elements stand out against the backdrop of white walls and natural oak parquet: space dimensions thus appears bigger. In conversation, beside the sofa upholstered in gray fabric, a design seat 50s. • Sofa: MDF Italy • Reclining Armchair: RAR Vitra, design by Charles & Ray Eames • Overview: Roberta Di Girolamo • Climate control: LG Art Cool Mirror


The dining area is furnished with a rosewood table ’70s, complete with designer chairs; above the floor, a scenographic suspension formed from a composition of sheets in Japanese paper.

1) TO BE COPIED – SEAT / TABLE IN CARDBOARD: Lightweight, durable and above all very eco, because made of a recycled material and recyclable, so here is a complement of corrugated cardboard, multifunction wildcard in the conversation area. Coffee table or seat, it opens like a fan and secured with a velcro, it becomes a round table top; when closed takes up very little space.
• Lamp: ZETTEL’Z 5 by Ingo Maurer (740 EUR) • Chairs: Lubekka Cassina, design A. Branzi


2) TO COPY – A LANTERN FOR BOOKS: an ethnic flavor of furniture reveals a new, unexpected feature: a diffuser of light becomes an original container for paperback books to be kept on hand, stacked one on top of ‘ in another order of magnitude. The four glass sides of the lantern transform then into a resting exhibitor at the foot of the ladder.

3) TO COPY – PLANT IN THE HAT: Resting on top of the cabinet, an anonymous plastic jar changes appearance “covered” by a Mexican straw hat, from which sprout with a pleasant effect of the long stems of orchids. Inside the hat it is necessary, however, predict a plastic saucer to hold water for watering.

Space saving: in 6 square meters, the kitchen under the stairs

In a very limited surface area it was possible to realize a full kitchen equipped and exploiting three sides with a horseshoe composition that leaves space in the center to move smoothly: 6.24 square meters in all environmental surface. The columns refrigerator and microwave were included in the top of the basement area which is then fully exploited up to a height of about 200 cm. In the three sectors that make up the kitchen (260 + 240 + 180 cm) base and wall units alternate, depending on the space available, with vertical modules.


The cooking area is open to the rest of the environment, however, it is a very well located area, lowered from the upper floor slab; the composition of measurement also takes advantage of the volume of the stairs. The cables in sight and finishing stainless damage industrial footprint in this area of ​​the house. In the kitchen, the composition is in glossy white, tops and appliances in stainless steel anti. The surfaces of the walls are protected from water and moisture with a resin coating, the same as that used for the scale. • Kitchen Program: Varenna by Poliform • Refrigerator: Whirlpool • Resin Coating: Gobbetto • Lighting: Ya Ya Ho by Ingo Maurer


4) TO COPY – A SYSTEM OF A VISTA LIGHTS: to illuminate the living area and the kitchen, instead of individual light points there is a “light sculpture” consisting of small balls and spotlights installed along a cable system where the current it is at low voltage through a transformer. The effect is that of an electrical system in view, very hi-tech, however, obtained with a lighting design program.

5) TO COPY – THE VESSEL WASTE: in the lower area of ​​the basement is placed in a jar of red enameled pottery: a piece of fine craftsmanship of Lecce that values ​​usually considered a tool “to hide” inside the cavity It is placing it the container of waste.


To connect between them the two planes was made of a reinforced concrete at an angle scale, with tempered glass railing.
? The structure is formed by a masonry base on which is grafted a linear ramp with steps projecting in the perimeter wall. Below, the volume of the basement remains so free and you can take advantage of to stay, as in a niche, the furniture.
? This provision at 90 ° of the two sides of the scale, with a intemerdio landing about 50 cm high, answers a practical need: allows you to develop all the risers of the steps in the height available and reach the first floor without increasing the slope of the ramp. A scale of this kind, in addition to the practical advantages, also has a strong aesthetic impact, which makes it protagonist of the environment.
As is realized The bearing structure is made of an iron pedestals arranged at the base and on arrival of the ladder and connected by lateral beams fixed along the slope; iron are also the basis of treads and risers of the steps.
? Above the iron reinforcement is carried out the concrete casting. Once dry, the scale of the surfaces have been protected by a transparent resin coating which increases the resistance of the material over time.


In the sleeping area, located on the attic level, the ceilings are lower in correspondence of the slope: to illuminate the environments were created ribbon windows that run along the perimeter of the rooms.

6) TO COPY – CLIP TO WINDOWS: a practical system to close and open the curtains: the little black and white linen sheets are attached to the window frame with steel pegs like those pegs, but so small as to be almost entirely invisible. The effect is to spread out handkerchiefs.

7) BEING COPIED – ADJUSTABLE TV: on the bedside table was too close, too far away on the opposite wall: instead attached to the wall with a swivel arm of the flat screen tv is rather at the right distance. And the mechanism allows a rotation up to 180 ° for perfect vision from any position.


The entrance to the master bedroom is located down the hall which also distributes other the upper floor.

8) TO COPY – MIRROR DOOR: it was the glass door of an old tobacco shop of Salento, now – renewed by a new glossy white finish – framing a vertical mirror. The original sash glass was in fact replaced by a mirror, while retaining the existing “dark” that you can close when needed.


The room, small in size, receives natural light from two sides: in addition to the strip window, also cut out from a balcony in the attic. It is furnished with a textile bed that the container under the net; the bedside tables are different from one another. • bed: Poliform • White Bedside: MDF Italy • Table Lamp: Ingo Maurer

Walk-in closet complete in just over 3 square meters

On one of the short sides of the double room, the realization of a masonry shoulder allowed to expand a recess of the existing plant so as to obtain sufficient length and depth (approximately L 300 x D 110 cm) to derive a wardrobe-equipped dressing, opened on the room.
? From the regulatory point of view, the surface of the closet (in this case 3.30 m), if accessible from the bedroom, is added to that of the latter allowing you to reach the minimum area prescribed by building regulations and health (the double room should generally be at least 14 square meters). The organization internaLa walk-in closet, with no dividers or closing, is one with the bedroom, it expands the depth and change the outlook. For the internal equipment it is being considered furniture that decorate without weighing, deliberately not full height not to be too incumbent.
Furthermore the space between the top of the furniture and the ceiling can be exploited for storing boxes and bulky objects.
? The modules of design, in matte gray finish, are distributed on three sides: alternate stender hangers, open and closed spaces, drawers and shoe racks.
? The depth of the wardrobe made it possible to insert elements 60 cm deep, leaving space in the center to use as a dressing room.


In the upstairs bathroom, despite its small size, it was possible to take advantage of the three sides, using the opposite short entrance to enter the tank in the sub-window. On the floor and wall tiles are laid in beige stoneware; light oak mobile custom made upon which the basin square shape. And do not miss the ethnic touch of the lantern with candles. • Bath: • Duravit washbasin: Ceramica Flaminia • Tile: Cement Manhattan Porcelanosa

9) TO COPY – MIRROR WITH FRIEZE: The one over the sink, no frame, was completed by adding, at the top, a decorative worked fashioned way. It is a frieze all made of solid walnut wood that was made by a Tuscan cabinetmaker and adapted to the context. The back side was fixed to the wall with a special glue. 10) BEING COPIED – TRUNK WITH MOBILE: to visually lighten the small environment under the suspended floor of the basin were not placed on the floor or furniture drawers. Only in a traditional wicker trunk, bought during a trip to Morocco.

New windows and spandrels recovered

Under renovation all windows on the lower floor, windows and doors, were replaced by models with sealed double-glazed low-emissivity which, by reducing heat loss, provide better insulation of the environments, both in summer and winter. Are aluminum, anthracite gray painted, should look similar to that of raw iron.
• Unlike the speech to the attic level where, before the intervention, the windows were absent: there were only small openings, insufficient to ensure the correct ventilation and lighting relations environments.
• You have chosen to install the ribbon windows in the bedrooms and a smaller frame, but always horizontal development even in the bathroom, placing them on the wall the maximum height allowed under the pitch of the roof.
• Given that the attic walls are lower than those of the lower level, this solution allows to obtain two results emphasize the most of natural light and take advantage of the height of the sub-window. In the bathroom, for example the window to about 100 cm from the ground allows to use the lower zone to enter the full tank wall tap.

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Project: arch. Avi Maron The Prisma Studio
Photo: Cristina Fiorentini

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