A House With A Central Patio That Illuminates And Colleague


The living area of ​​the house runs at right angles around the patio: thanks to visual connection created through the windows, it becomes an integral part of the environment. Living in the open, exposed beams of the sloping roof, painted white, underline the continuity between the different functional areas. One side is occupied by the living room, furnished with two sofas upholstered in white fabric, Harry model B & B Italy. In front of the movable bottom of the Maya collection of Minotti, upon which the TV, ottoman Osorom designed by Konstantin Grcic for Moroso.


The transition between the outside and the inside is marked by a perimetral channel that has been filled with bleached stones; at the points of access to the inner courtyard, this uneven walkway is interrupted by tempered glass platforms. At the center, the walking surface is coated with local stone and lit from below with spotlights Viabizzuno built. In the square stainless steel tank, covered in teak wood, an olive tree was planted which is visible from every room in the house.

At the center of the living room, between the conversation and dining area area, the large passage is dominated by the presence of a spectacular suspended round fireplace, matt black steel chimney fully exposed, the model of Focus Ergofocus; at the hearth in the floor in wenge stained oak parquet it was created an excavation, in this case filled with white pebbles. On the back of the room, leaning against the wall, a stainless steel open staircase with steps and balustrade tempered glass leads to the loft area consists of two adjoining rooms.


An invisible glazed unites and separates. Between the dining area and the kitchen is very direct visual link, even if the transparent glass wall – with sliding doors – guarantees the independence of each function. Taking up the decorative motif used in the patio, the separation between the two environments is marked by a band of white pebbles on the floor. The operating area is equipped with a counter peninsula in ebony finish with stainless steel top: this fencing partially blocking the back wall, occupied by the storage units and the refrigerator side by side. Across the room, the visual effect of the design lamp is enhanced by the combination with white table, characterized by the essentiality of the structure. At the table in white painted metal (model Less by Molteni & C.) Are put together, contrasting, chairs Vol au vent of B & B Italy, covered in leather. The plan is illuminated by the suspension ball of aluminum wire, model Fil de Fer Catellani & Smith.

Lecce stone for finishing

In the living area the walls are coated with sheets of this limestone rock, typical of the Salento area where it is also known by the name of “leccisu”. The material, very compact, is found in nature in colors ranging from gray to pale; often it enhanced by the presence of fossil residues in the mass. The homogeneous composition makes it easily malleable and workable, suitable for creating objects and sculptures. Cut into slabs, even of large size, it can be employed for coating large surfaces, also outside.


In the kitchen, the peninsula is home to the sink integrated into the steel top and gas hob recessed flush. Wall Nell’armadiatura the oven is hidden behind a door. The furnishings are part of Gandhara composition of Minotti Cucine.


Also the room overlooking the central courtyard through a large window with sliding doors that can be screened by a screening system in the Venetian. The available space allows you to place the bed in the middle of the room: it is the model of Adia B & B Italy, with adjustable headboard upholstered in pale skin. Along the wall you open the closet, enclosed by sliding glass panels custom-designed: it is divided into two areas that have independent access.


The master bedroom plus a guest room made on the mezzanine and a single which is located on the patio floor. The latter is decorated with fabric bed Twelfth Night Molteni & C. Wall fixed, the flexible bookshelf Bookworm, Ron Arad design for Kartell.

The two main bathrooms apartment is partially intersect with one another thanks to an unusual connection. In the first volume of the transparent shower protrudes fact of the floor plan of the room and is well to look out on the great carved bath-pool in the adjacent room. In both spaces, for wall coverings we have been chosen in the clear painted glass plates that alternate with however a monochrome mosaic very dark. shooting shades also from floor finishes and furnishings.


The protruding edge of the tub masonry forms a niche where are inserted sanitary suspended (Duravit). The opposite wall, lined with Bisazza glass mosaic, is occupied by a mobile fully wenge finish washbasin; Opera is the model Toscoquattro. The large horizontal mirror, with no frame, is inserted flush with the wall. For almost a swimming pool: an original solution has resulted in a tub-shower large masonry, flush with the floor. The basin is delimited frontally, by a top edge concrete about 30 cm. The interior of the tub is waterproofed with a PVC layer, above which was carried out another cement cast and then placed in a resin substrate to smoothen and uniform the surface. The finish is finally made with the plates in extra-clear glass. The taps and the shower head is mounted on the wall. When the large tub is filled, the water level is visible in the transparent box bathroom shower adjacent with which it borders.



The elevated gym In the loft area overlooking the living space has been created for the home-fitness. A corner dedicated to physical activity you can easily organize: a few square meters, and the right equipment.

Size and ease of use in the foreground

What is the ideal space? To organize a mini-gym at home is not necessary to have an extra room. It may be enough to carve out a corner in the bathroom, in the hallway, in the study or in the bedroom; or, why not, even in the living room: the new gear, compact and care in design, in fact, they fit easily in different environments. The chosen area should be little noisy; with openings for the replacement of oxygen and for adequate natural light; It must have a warm and soft artificial light (possibly designed for color therapy); the ideal temperature is 18-20 ° C, with average humidity. How many square meters are needed A complete wellness area of ​​all basic machines – for cardio, toning and muscle strengthening, stretching – you can be organized in a room of 14-15 square meters. For a single device, for example a bench, a stationary bike or a stepper or a vibrating platform, are sufficient in some cases also 2-4 m (for some compact models even only one square meter). There are tools in folding versions that can be stored in a few centimeters. The choice of tools must assess not only the footprint of each individual machine, but also the space of movement needed to use it during training. Best to decide in advance the type of exercises with which we mainly will train or discipline which you want to practice, so as to be able to choose the most specific solution. However, there are multifunction machines that require a little ‘more space, but they can carry out exercises for arms, legs and torso; They are generally full of weights and anklets in order to progressively increase the intensity of effort.

Project: a double loft broadens the surface

The 135 square meters apartment has been created making a living the attic level of a building occupied by commercial premises on the lower floor. It is accessed by climbing a stairway that leads directly into the outdoor patio: the path is then directed on the one hand to a wide open space of elongated shape, which is installed in the pool; the other towards the interior of the house.
● completely rethinking the division of environments, these are now redistributed around the central open space surrounded by transparent glass, it gives light to the whole house.
● The living area is an open space that is on two sides, integrating the lounge and dining area; the kitchen, with attached laundry room, is divided by a glass door. instead follow one another on the third side of the two bedrooms and two bathrooms adjacent to each other.
● From the living room, a staircase leads to the double loft of about 50 square meters, consists of two areas that communicate with each other by a footbridge: are located respectively in correspondence to the kitchen and bedrooms.
● One of the raised areas is used as a gym, the other is a full bathroom.

entrance floor


Scale 1 – 2 Input – 3 Patio – 4 Terrace / Pool – 5 Living Room – Dining Area 6 – 7 Kitchen – Laundry 8 – 9 Double room – Room 10 – Bathroom 11 – 12 Walk-in Closet

the mezzanine plant


Scale 1 – 2 Gym – Gangway 3 – 4 Relaxation room – Room 5 – 6 Bathroom

Project: arch. Paola Fracasso
Pictures of Adriano Pecchio

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