A Kitchen Island Equipped For Lunches In The Garden

Thanks to the materials used (stone and metal) and the study of the shape, the kitchen is also integrated in the external environment and offer ergonomic and functional solutions. When you organize outdoor dinners or lunches in fact become an appealing element is the ability to share not only the consumer, but also the preparation of the dishes. The most complete versions of the kitchen include a barbecue grill, the oven and the gas burners, so you can differentiate the cooking modes, depending on the food. The convenience of use is enhanced by the water connection for the water supply. Finally very good idea to have adequately insulated containers to store crockery and services for the table. As for the location it is advisable to choose a place in the shade in the garden and sheltered from the currents and plan to fix the table nearby to facilitate all transactions.

Prone minotticucine is inclined 5 ° on all four sides. With stone finish “erafuoco” red, size L 250 x W 85 x H 90 cm. The structure is made of stainless steel. It is equipped with a gas barbecue for outdoor use with sliding lid stone, stone bathtub with waste hidden and two austenitic stainless steel baskets that open by double guides. www.minotticucine.it

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