Atmosphere Chalet In A Modern House Life

Wooden House – Original plant project retains only the outer casing stone, consolidated and restored. The interior, however, was completely demolished, with the aim of recovering the attic floor and create open environments. To consolidate the building, the new floor a metal girders system was armed, left exposed. Which serves to tie the perimeter walls.

The living room of the new subdivision occupies the entire lower floor. Where free standing stands of the staircase connecting the bedroom and functions as an element of separation. Albeit partial, between the living room and kitchen. These two environments that follow each other without solution of continuity and which are united by coordinates finishes.

However, they have a precise identity. Upstairs remains intact and protected that intimate atmosphere of the chalets at high altitude. But, mixed with innovative solutions that update and make the most functional use of space. The living room is gathered in a secluded corner by the fireplace, in full light. The Padded Modular, built on a design to make the most of the available space. Proposes the country or contemporary style of the entire house.

Wooden Living Room


It has straight lines and a minimal covering in gray metallic fabric. But, it is softened by the many cushions placed on the backrest. On the subject also fashion objects and decorations: everything well balanced. With a tribute to the Alpine style that has more of a graphic value, while prevailing neutral colors, very natural.

The L shape sofa also adding the decoration of the house. With the sofa, the design will improve the house luxury design. Still, make your home in the living room bright with gray light sofa colors. you also can put fireplace to make your home feel comfort and warm.

Wooden Kitchen Design With Campfire


The floor structure, which gives charm to the room, is made up of beams and planks of larch wood, such as wall panels. While the former is newly produced, the paneling is made from recycled antique axes, brushed and treated with primer and woodworm. Against the wall, a fake plaster beam houses a series of lights that produce a soft light of atmosphere.

Living room, dining area placed next to the staircase accentuates the separation of conversation and kitchen area: location is strategic also to include hostess – when it is committed in the kitchen – in the conversation around the table near the fireplace. The table is built on a design by combining a plan in gross finishing with cedar.

That is polished, to a base in the left rough metal as the beams around the stairwell. It is lighted by two suspensions of essential line, which agree to the simple style of the plastic chairs, combined with a classic decor mountain: the wooden bench. • Chairs: Basil Calligaris • Lamps: Cyclops Metal Lux.

Light from the ceiling and the floor


In the attic, in correspondence to the lower level of the dining area and the bedroom in the upper one, two glass plates are inserted which serve to give light in both environments.
• Technically, the plates were placed on the main warping wooden beams instead of the floorboards.
• They are supported by a perimeter frame of metal the same height as the ground level and equipped with a suitable seat. The metal structure was left semi Grez za and finished with a suitable rust inhibitor.
• The sheets of laminated glass, 5 + 5 mm, have a double finish: etched at the bottom – the one that acts as a ceiling – to shield the local above; Glossy towards the chamber, at floor level, because the smooth surface is easier to clean.

Wodeen Vanity Kitchen Design Chalet House


Environment day does not miss the fireplace that, indeed, dominates an entire wall breaking, so still discreet, the continuity of the wood trim. The structure covering the chimney is made with a special insulating plasterboard, fire-resistant and outside painted with light gray satin enamel. The frame around the closed hearth is in Luserna stone, typical of the place.


The cuisine is identified with a long base completely covered in the stone peninsula. But beyond that super at trez Zato block, perfectly functional and visually compelling, touching here and their woodwork, it is revealed rooms that house from household appliances to services for the table.

Luxury Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas


To plans and customized, the composition has a modern imprinting. The structure, made of wood panels and laminate, is externally coated with Sottile Luserna stone slabs, 4 mm, glued. Flares and brush were also subjected to a waterproofing treatment.

On top stands the induction hob which, flush with the floor, it becomes an integral and at the same time, it reduces the texture thanks to its reflective surface. The washing area, on the short side, remains limited and more secluded.


Aligned to the peninsula, there is an entire containment structure that is perceived rather as a wall. Always covered by ancient wainscoting, it leverages the depth up to the perimeter wall with forms they receive, among other things, the refrigerator and the microwave multifunction. The double doors were opening mechanism push-pull or subtle hook handles. A view of two elements, a daily column with shelves ago by wine cellar and bar.

Walls and furniture are all covered with an “old” woodwork, consisting of larch planks retrieved from the floor of an old house. The staves, about 2.5 cm thick, are fixed in different ways depending on the points. On the wall covering an insulating coat in high-density glass wool: this surface has profiles in wood, the said roots, set at a distance of 60 cm approximately, on which are nailed to the planks.

On the front of the furniture, instead, they are the same tapped slats which, joined together, form the doors. To make them more stable – it considered that the wood is a material that by its nature “moves” – are positioned of metal blades, a width of about 10 cm, in the direction orthogonal to the laying of the slats and the two ends of the panels.


Open Concept Bedroom Ideas


Going up to the sleeping area, there are two open bedrooms which, if any, can be isolated with a decidedly unusual system, a fifth transparent crystal and a mobile panel full height and retractable. The scale of larch that connects the two levels is the original one. And brushed past with a bitten hand was then finished with wax.

It has the parapet in the transparent extra-clear laminated glass, which is engaged in a high profile in the rough 12 cm metal, anchored to the girder that reinforces the floor. The continuous surface protects the entire compartment, isolating a bit ‘and limiting heat dispersion, with an effect of lightness and brightness.


In the sleeping area, the lower part of the slope of the roof has been exploited with a mobile in the whole length. Made of MDF and covered with the usual wood paneling, this is equipped inside with laminate counter tops and doors with the push-pull opening. The interior is illuminated with a spotlight system. Room, in line with the style of the house, the furniture is limited to a few pieces at sight, but there are many hidden rooms.

Such as wardrobes that completely blend into the walls. The bed, a simple base recovered larch, two original tables are supported: two boxes in woven natural fibers. • Furniture and customized solutions: Borghi Furnish to compensate for the limited height of the floors, perilous with sloping slopes, and let go much light as possible, it was decided to separate only the two rooms with a glass plate completely transparent.

Wooden Bathroom Privacy On Demand


To create a little ‘of intimacy, though, between the two rooms there is a system composed of a gathered curtain and a sliding panel concealed in the closet. When you want to make it independent of the master bedroom, just open the curtain, which is normally collected in front of the window, and pull from a small closet door the sliding panel that is aligned with the window closing the passage. From time to time, so you can have an overall screen or an immediate visual connection between the two environments.


To the bath Which has a common wall with the staircase. It is dedicated a large space and very well maintained. Both in aesthetic terms for both the functional and technical choices. The tank, for example, is constituted by a single block of polystyrene. While on the wall near the sink stands out a sort of “framework” stone. Below a glass insert lets in natural light.

Luxury Bathroom With Polystyrene Stone Effect


The tub sunken of 10 cm in the floor. Is formed by a single polystyrene block (Eps), realized on a special design. This product, high performance, is particularly effective in the case of recessed structures. Because being very light does not bring an excessive overload.

Also, it can be finished with different materials. It produces custom-made: compact, non-toxic, easy to work and able to take any form, polystyrene (commonly called polystyrene) foam. Which works in molds, it is suitable for many upgrades, indoor and outdoor. It has a high coefficient of thermal insulation and a low water absorption. So, it is also suitable for work in wet environments.

Semi-finished product is supplied fully assembled, coated with a layer of concrete and equipped with the tap holes and drain. Which are placed according to the final design? Once laid in work the structure, it is coated a layer before proceeding with the outer coating. In this case were used in porcelain stoneware stone effect tiles around it. While on the bottom there is a mosaic mounted on the network. Is more suitable to accommodate the necessary slope to ensure the discharge.


In places, where the stone of the original structure was in good condition. They were cut of mirrors that leave exposed the material, forming a sort of stone paintings. This way to bring to light the original structure adds character and enhances the house from a decorative point of view.

The sink base draws the kitchen peninsula. The structure suspended coffered made in the same way is different for the front finish, matt gray lacquered. Tops and back splash are porcelain stoneware stone effect, consisting of tiles in format 40 x 80 cm.

• stoneware tiles: the Floorgres.

• Taps: Coll. Fantini Mare.

• Sink: Canyon of Antonio Lupi.

Wooden House With Stone Walls Ideas



The house, seen from the outside, has a lower volume front, where the wash of the country. Also completely renovated, it is still functioning and, at particular times, available to everyone..The apartment is on the top of a mountain construction plan (Walser house style) in a valley near the Monte Rosa. This type of housing, like all those farmers in the Alps.

Originally had foundations and the ground floor (for the storage or barn) stone, while the first floor. Dedicated to the housing itself, was made of wood. Typically it is surrounded by wooden lofts once used for drying agricultural products. The roofs, as in this case, are traditionally built with slate tiles. Also known as the stone of Lavagna, a particular variety of rock from the characteristic dark gray color. And widespread in northern and typical of the Western Alps.


1 Input – 2 Living Room – 3 Dining Area – 4 Camino – 5 Stair – 6 Sofa – 7 Kitchen – 8 Office kitchen with wainscoting


1 Stair – 2 Double room – 3 partition – 4 retractable panel – 5 Single bed – 6 Bathroom – 7 Bath polystyrene

Project: Interior designer Sabrina Cherubin, [email protected]
Photo: Cristina Fiorentini

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