Attic : A House With Exposed Beams

In the great room, which occupies the space of the attic, wood finishes are everywhere protagonists, as structural and coatings. And in all the rooms are of great prominence the massive beams, left visible, demonstrate the trend of the sloping pitch covering. The interiors are characterized by the presence of skylights and dormer openings, are tailored to guess furnishing choices. In the living area, in particular, the many design classics pieces – ranging from the 30s to the 50s – a whole contribute to a refined and welcoming atmosphere.


The conversation area, framed by the ceiling beams, occupies a defined area, facing the window, bounded by upholstered in black leather; in the background, a refectory table in solid wood on which is fixed at the TV screen wall. Sofas with metal frame: Cassina LC2 coll. The Masters, design Le Corbusier, Jeanneret, Perriand, 1928. Sofa with wooden structure: Sebastian Knoll, designed by Tobia Scarpa. Armchair: Wassilly Knoll, Marcel Breuer design (VAT excl. EUR 1,460). round table: Cumano Zanotta, design Achille Castiglioni


In the living room, the library is inserted into a recess in a wall and takes advantage of the free wall portion behind the conversation area, furnishing the passageway. It is a chromed metal shelving in the style of those used in industrial settings: a type of practice where furniture and large volumes and objects remain visible. The conversation area lighting is achieved with a floor lamp that directs the light beam from above through the middle; while the ambient light, the suspension with transparent spherical diffuser is hanging on the sloping roof. Suspension: Boccia LS10 Azucena, design L. Caccia Dominioni. Floor Lamp: Flos Arco, design Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Bookseller: Metro Joint


Architecture foreground
Throughout the home are in great evidence the wooden beams that form the backbone of the pitched roof. Thanks to the strong contrast with the collision in the ceiling drywall, all painted white, these elements help to divide and identify the spaces and visually reduce the height of the hedge. Partial makeover During the renovation the roof structure has been renovated, keeping only the main beams and secondary ones, above which rests the new planking, always in wood.
The latter has been coated on the inside with plasterboard panels that unify all over the ceiling and the spaces between one beam and the next.
? Externally it has been realized an insulating layer, covered by a screed concrete over which were laid the roof tiles.
? The chestnut wood beams, very strong and supple essence, have been restored with an intervention of cleaning and sanding, then you treated with anti-woodworm and painted products finally with a primer.


The living area provides several independent environments, however, connected to each other in a direct way via open passages, devoid of frames. Fitted with a few essential pieces of strong visual impact, the dining room has a trait d’union between the living and kitchen. Neutral on the parquet background in clear essence, the table with glass top and matching chairs is arranged at the center of the room, at the doors. Stands out the contrast with mobile trapezoid profile, lacquered in a heated tone turquoise. Table: LC6 Cassina I Maestri, design Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, C.Perriand (in the basic version 2.410 EUR). Chairs: S 33 G.M.B.H. Thonet, design Mart Stam, 1926. Suspension lamp: Brasa 365+ Ikea.


In the kitchen the composition, which does not include hanging, evolves according to variable pitched roof. The four column modules arranged along the wall have reduced height; while at the center, almost at the peak, the island equipped integrates the stove and lavaggio.La zone composition alternates two finishes, gray stained oak furniture and stainless steel, and the top of the appliances. The central island focuses on the same side of a gas stove with burners in line and a hot flush of the floor sink. On the wall were placed two side by side column ovens. cooking show: Vela Quadra Dada. Ovens: Whirlpool. Chandelier: Talo Artemide


The width of the kitchen made it possible to complete the work area with a convivial area furnished with table and a bookcase turned into belief for dishes and glasses, largely left visible. the low wall even under the slope, is exploited in with storage units. In the kitchen, the dining area is complemented by a modular composition at regular boxes: all the same size, partly open and partly closed by doors or equipped with drawers, play light on the effect / dark finishes. Mobile per day: Expedit Ikea. Table: Table 84 Artek Alvar Aalto design. Chairs around the table: Maui, design Vico Magistretti for Kartell. Chairs with seat in cane: 214 Thonet

The island in the kitchen
The central block can be added to complete the composition of the kitchen or in some cases replace it entirely, by integrating all the essential elements of the operational area. In a large environment, or in the case of a kitchen overlooking the living room, the island can also act as a room divider function and be used in part as a plan snacks.

? A solution of this type is recommended especially for kitchens of medium-large size: for both a matter of visual impact inside the room, around the island and because there must be sufficient space to move easily; the ideal is to be able to draw 100 cm free on each of the sides. The connection of the plants The island can have very different sizes depending on the functions fulfilled: to be able to be equipped on both sides with storage compartments and appliances must be at least 100-120 cm. An important aspect are the electrical and water connections: as they have to move to the floor, the position of the different elements (sink, stove etc.) Should be established in advance in order to change the technical installations before laying the covering.


In the master bedroom the main pillar which occupies a central position also acts as a divider between the function area devoted to rest and the entrance corridor of the room; the latter distributes the service areas that remain thus partially separated. The double bed in a room is a simple textile pattern with no headboard, “dressed” with white bedspread on blue fabric, all complemented by cushions to coordinated frameworks. The carpet on the floor takes up the color blue, while the pale walls are adorned with paintings and prints. Paintings: Julian Hill. Read: Hastens. Rug Galleria Giacomo Manoukian


Sauna home
In the room it has been carved out a box with a rectangular plan for the sauna. Thanks to the new modular manufacturing solutions, you do not need much space today to derive a wellness corner of this type also in an apartment: for smaller models are enough 2-3 mq.La sauna requires a booth dedicated to this function, all in wood or wood-lined inside, equipped with one or more benches and hermetically closed by a door, generally of glass.

The heat is produced by an electric heater positioned inside the box. It takes about 20-30 minutes to heat: in the case of traditional sauna, the temperature is 90 ° C in a total absence of moisture. An alternative is the bio softer, with temperatures of 40-60 ° C and humidity to about 40%: this requires a particular oven fitted with a water tank.


In the bathroom the wall height under the sloping roof, about 120 cm, has been exploited to insert the hot tub. Lit from above by a skylight, this area is defined by the wall coating mixture of the mosaic of green and blue tones.

The project
Maintaining the original internal distribution, constrained by the location of bearing walls (housing the union of two separate apartments), they were made new partitions that allow you to better define environments, obtaining new corridors. The living area is privileged: consists of a large living area, which integrates a study area, and a spacious kitchen, connected to a room dedicated to the lunch. The night part is instead distributed at both ends of the plant: on one side there is a bedroom with a bathroom for the exclusive use and wardrobe space; the other, a double room to which they are attached an exclusive use service environment, the dressing room and sauna. There is also a shared bathroom: a room equipped with a long and narrow shape in part as a laundry. All rooms are illuminated by skylights or dormers.


1 Input
2 Living Room
3 Dining Room
4 Kitchen
5 Double room
6 Sauna
7 Bathroom
8 Shower / Laundry
9 Disengagement
10 Walk-in Closet
11 Room
12 Storage Room

Photo: Cristina Galliena

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