Beautiful Interior Of An Old House with Shabby Chic Style.

Inside a farm built at the end of the 19th century, we find a floor that returns us to the atmosphere of that time. Bella, with the details taken care of to the maximum, this house is the dream of many lovers of the decoration.

In this house, many elements are original of the time, like the decorative moldings around the ceiling, and the wooden floor. Its perfect conservation have made this house, full of personality, continue to have a unique and unequaled appearance.

A classic flat in an old house

This house decorated in the Shabby Chic style is surprising to present a modern floor plan in an old house. The hall, has a small adjacent washbasin and overlooks the living room and kitchen. One of the pieces that has captivated me most in this room is the beautiful library that occupies almost the entire wall, with an ancient staircase included. The large windows offer plenty of light. All the details are meticulously cared for, with vintage mirrors, a cuckoo clock and antique furniture that blend seamlessly into the d├ęcor.

The different rooms are connected to each other in sequences, by double doors. The living room connects to the dining room and the kitchen connects to the bedroom

Ambience with small details

Dozens of paintings decorate the wall of this house decorated in Shabby Chic style, furniture, gilded frames, cozy fabrics, antique chandeliers, all with a French style that gives style and character to this house. Despite having many decorative elements, it is not abusive. In addition, the amount of light that enters the windows, offers warmth and feeling of continued space, something that is accentuated thanks to the double doors that, open, open the space.

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