Bedroom Mattrass Well-Being In The Foreground

Choosing the right outfit for a sweet sleep should examine even the smallest detail. Starting from the mattress to choose preferably anatomic and anti-mite. It is indeed important to maintain proper spinal alignment even while you sleep, to avoid back pain and neck, due to the assumption of an incorrect posture night. The anatomical mattresses are characterized by hardness, but also for the ability to adapt and accommodate the natural curvature of the body and spine. For a hygienic and healthy to be preferred fiber hypoallergenic padding, which prevents the establishment of mites and facilitates the removal of allergens and bacteria. On the mattress they create conditions favorable to the proliferation of mites, bacteria and mold, that the choice of fabrics and yarns may hinder proper and certified.

A comfortable cushion must also have an appropriate height in relation to its texture and body of the person, so as not to force in an unnatural position. For this there are also models with a conformation in “waves“, which duplicates the possibility of comfort for different people; I am an example of the cushions with structure to two or three different channels from content (softer in the middle and more consistent outside. Even the pillow padding allergic fiber or foam are recommended for people suffering from allergic rhinitis or asthma. Finally, to cover themselves, to be preferred linen in pure cotton or linen for sheets, while the goose-feather guarantee in every season the best temperature depending on the type of padding.

Tempur Cloud 19 is designed for those who sleep better on a softer mattress without sacrificing the right support because it helps to redistribute weight by eliminating the pressure points. The top layer of the mattress is made of TEMPUR ES (Extra Soft) material developed specifically to provide an immediate feeling of relaxation. In measures 80 x 190 cm, price 1300 EUR.

In Golden Night cashmere mattress Italy Gold / Cashmere Touch is paired with Thermofiber, heavy-weight quilted fabric, and together ensure the lining – fully removable – a perfect breathability. Anatomical and hypoallergenic, the mattress is formed by a dimpled plate in memory air and by two sheets of air foam and firm foam air hd ultra-elastic which allow the support and the use of both sides. In version 80 x 200 cm price 999 euro.

Duogel Magniflex meets the diverse needs of the couple’s rest you can have two different zones, a softer and more sustained. It is available in Soft and Medium versions, the first is in Eliosoft, soft and anatomic material, while the other, Elioform, is more rigid; the structure in Magnigel Foam is able to dissipate heat and to always maintain a cool microclimate. Insofar 160 X 190/195/200 cm, price 1388 EUR.

Adaptive Flou has a core composed of the superposition of four layers of padding (breathable plate shape, visco-elastic polyurethane memory foam and white foam made from soy and water): the first two will contain the body, the third and fourth they serve as a gradual and progressive support. The outer covering of the mattress, coupled padding “Total Body”, helps to facilitate temperature control and breathability; It is available in 11 widths and three lengths. In measures 80 x 200 cm, price 938 euro.

The pillow DaunenStep Pearl Millet is wrapped by a shell in soft duvet and has an inner core mile is ideal for a good sleep, supine and side. It favors in fact the ideal posture of the spine from an orthopedic point of view. All the cushions of the Pearl line boast a pillowcase soft removable duvet, easily washable at 40 ° C. 50 x 80 cm, price: 129 €.

Thanks to the particular three channels from different content structure (softer in the middle and more consistent outside), the cushion Anatomical Jackets Danes is ideal for those sleeping on the side is for those sleeping on his back; Measuring 50 x 80; Price 98 euro.

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