Beds with space-saving container, releasing the closet

In small spaces we live in every corner it is helpful to recover and compartments to place objects often, in today’s homes, they lack the useful “closets”. The beds with storage allow you to keep the space, otherwise unused, under the mattress, and allow stowing of sheets, blankets and everything you need to the sleeping area, freeing up space in the closet. The operation of the beds equipped with mechanism is guaranteed by a structure with levers activated by pistons fixed to the frame with screws, which allow the lifting of network and mattress. The mechanism is available with parallel lift the mattress, which allows him to make the bed without a fall, or a compass, with hinges fixed in the headboard.

Also available are extractable containers, ideal for linen or also for the games of children. The footprint of the “chest of drawers” can be varied in height, according to different needs. They are also on the market models in which, instead of the drawer space, is inserted a second bed, convenient option for guests. It is useful to properly evaluate the ease of movement, the mechanism, in order to verify that the closing-opening action is so simple, no efforts, as occurs with a quality product. You can choose between double or twin beds, in fabric and leather, usually removable. The variety of container beds in is very wide, from minimal solutions to those romantic and comfortable, from the classic to the most modern proposals.

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Bed Duplo series of Noctis with containers, complete with structural mesh and top mattress with two removable containers and equipment for shaped corner, with padded steel frame and covered with removable fabric, removable cover or leather imitation leather. Available complete with pull-out bed (with manual or automatic network) or trunk, or by combining the two solutions, at the corner of the third pull-out bed service and top case. Measures 80 x 190 cm. Price starting from 534 € + VAT.

Angle Flou bed with mechanism, in simple version or with draft shield with top, with adjustable slats and orthopedic base. Available base with container or with basic with electric and elettricomanuale movement. smooth or quilted headboard upholstered with removable cover in fabric or leather. The intersection of the head and model panels with screen you can enter the Angle lamps in tubular polished chrome, gold or bronze. Measures to 160170180 L x W 200 x H 130 cm. Base price € 2985.00 excluding mattress and linens

The bed Picolit Lema is padded and removable. She has quilted headboard and feet aluminum color. It is available in four sizes; in the version with 179 cm wide headboard you can also have network and lifting container element. www.lemamobili.comit

Howard Calligaris bed with mechanism, chrome metal base, padded headboard, padded MDF structure, slatted supported by angle brackets, Sandwell fabric “(100% linen) – completely removable. Measures to L 190 x P 218 x H 112 (31.5 shore) cm. Price 2193.00 euro.

Adel bed OF Ditre Italy are also offered mechanism (Box or Easy), complete with orthopedic complimentary frame in steel tube, 13 + 13 slats depreciated by silencing sheaths, epoxy painted aluminum color gray. In the beds with big depth the network is’ equipped with 14 + 14 slats. Ability to adjust the height of the net on which the mattress rests in the beds without Box or Easy mechanism. Coating completely removable fabric or leather. Measures to L 180 x P 212 x H 104 cm price 1.409,00 EUR + VAT.

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