Blank Multi Colored Kitchen

A trend has now been confirmed: the approach of colored modules in bright tones – such as lemon yellow, red lacquer or turquoise – with light elements illuminates the kitchen area and gives it a gritty touch. Colored items, shelves, and shelves are able to frame objects or books and create continuity with living. Container modules alternating with white ones give rise to original and innovative compositions compared to the most “cold” total white. As if it were a puzzle, the newest kitchens living rooms are unusual, bright and never discounted.

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The moonlight dark moon lacquered by Arredo3 frames objects and books; The base doors are in gloss white lacquered with integrated handle. Base 60 x P 58.5 x H 72 cm: price 151 euros in standard version.

Scavolini’s Tetrix allows you to create the most suitable configuration for any environment. The doors, which open through aluminum profiles, are covered with matt or glossy glass sheets. The bases of the kitchen have a reduced height to create continuity between the kitchen and the living room. Price on request.

The doors of Tablet. Goof Veneta Cucine open through a throat with a flat profile and handle in the door. The bases in White Oak Link are highlighted by the cherry red glossy lacquered wall units and the marron mochaccino shiny lacquered elements. Price on request.

A blue silk lacquered wall for Kora of Cesar, the kitchen featuring day-to-day containers of different measurements in height and width. The suspended bases and the boiserie with thin shelves make the composition lighter. A suspended base in white laminate measures L 120 x P 57 x H 63 cm. Price 575,84 euro.

The Snaidero kitchen code is illuminated by curry yellow shelves and shelves that mark the space and “warm” elements in Arctic white glossy lacquered. Modules are available in different sizes to create “tailor-made” compositions. Price on request.

Soft design for the Sting Bring’s linear kitchen characterized by modules with different depths and small, glossy lacquered compartments in a shade contrasted with the base of the bases. Price on request.

Original and innovative HD 23 by Rossana is a solid and compact model, illuminated by the large yellow glass wall hanging that lets you glimpse the dishes. Deep bases provide a large capacity. Price on request.

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