Chairs “of character” Design Week 2016

Strong character, never anonymous, perfect to use as a characteristic element of a room, the chairs maybe choices in an unusual tint can turn a corner “off” or monotonous environment; or conversely they can give regularity and balance to a room with eclectic furniture from different style or finish.

At the Furniture Expo this year are pieces suitable for both situations. Mainly with soft lines, they are made in “close-knit” pairs of materials: plastic and metal, metal and wood or even more unusual pairing, wood and plastic.


Lilia Reflex is the new chair with a simple design, and decided that it elegant; The surrounding shell is made of plastic polymer in four different colors or covered in fabric, wool, leather or leather. The opening on the back and frame with contilever metal lighten the session. Size L 50.5 x W 52.5 x H 80.5 cm.


Virna Alma Design is the new chair that is inspired by the Fifty Years models, is linear and geometric. The legs are made of solid wood in contrast with the seat and back made of polypropylene in shades of gray. It is stackable to maximize space.


Hoop B-Line is the new chair designed by Karim Rashid which is shaped like a comfortable shawl; ergonomic body is made of fireproof structural polyurethane and is supported by square legs clearly solid wood. It is also available with legs in metal tube.


Greta Max Home is the new chair with a modern form, but classic at the same time; It is entirely covered in soft and durable faux leather in three colors: white, gray and mud.


Bahia Calligaris is the new chair with a rounded form is characterized by the seat Restilon® (a thermoplastic polymer composite that provides a high gloss and resistance) in seven opaque colors. The light wood legs have a conical shape.


Kartell Feather is the new chair made of an unusual mixture, a complex thermoplastic polymer loaded with numerous fibers including carbon that guarantee with minimum thicknesses (up to 2 mm) rigidity and light weight (just 2.2 kg). It can also be used outdoors and is stackable.


Cannet Atypical is the new chair with an elegant line that goes back to the Art Nouveau style; The structure is made entirely of steel rod painted with epoxy powders in three color variants. It is stackable and can be used also outside.


Lyze Emu is the new chair with the network structure entirely made of durable aluminum and stainless steel; The seat is available in different colors, white or gray, coordinated with the legs.


Casprini line is the new chair that can be used both inside and outside: the seat is in fact made of colored plastic, and the legs are in lacquered metal. It is available in many different colors. Size L 49.5 x W 51.5 x H 82 cm.

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