Charming Danish Country House Dating Back To 1830s

This cottage dating from 1830 is one of those houses full of charm and personality. As we are told in The Style Files, this house belonged to a fisherman. White walls, wooden floors, period furniture, ethnic fabrics and modern works of art, we find a bright, spacious and very beautiful interior. The eclectic style of the decoration, they manage to offer us the character that we all seek

To contrast with white walls and light wood floors, many of the decorative accessories of this cottage are dark blue almost black.

Cushions for the chairs, ornament for the center of the table and vases that try to give a different touch to one of the corners of the house. The ethnic style, on the other hand, is present with the help of textiles, as in the carpet we can see in the photograph.

The living room carpet helps to easily separate the ambience from the living room to the dining room.

We can check this will for wanting to give an ethnic touch to the whole house thanks to the prints of all textiles, something that creates uniformity and style.

The different accessories that we can find in the house, correspond in color, to create a chromatic concordance.

The kitchen is also simple, white and functional, with a ceramic tile floor perfect for this area.

The attic room does not have a large decorative excess, looks for simplicity, following the phrase “less is more”.

Simple and minimalist prints and contemporary paintings adorn the walls of this cottage, but discreetly, looking for the perfect space between the entire surface.

A table with two cabelletes become a comfortable desk where you can work, with a small window to let light.

Finally we can see the exterior of the cottage, with a small meeting area for the whole family.

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