Choose The Kitchen With A Touch Of Red

Red is a color considered particularly suited to stimulate the appetite: more decisive and “aggressive” of the other primary colors in food compositions is also currently used in different shades, from rust to raspberry to ruby ??red to burgundy, combined with wood or complementary colors, or white which makes it more easily adaptable. Declined in base and wall units with contemporary design, the red takes form in original solutions that combine the tradition of Made in Italy kitchen with new aesthetic and functional needs and with current lifestyles evolving.

The kitchen becomes the place of refined solutions thanks to the study of materials and combinations of colors, with shiny or opaque doors and wood trim and colorful. Thanks to the color match the kitchen cabinets are not just assembling containers but elements of an overall composition, in which the linear design also eliminates the applied handles. The result is increased functionality and ease of cleaning thanks to the use of materials such as aluminum or the tempered glass in a kitchen, which is rational architecture, with an aerial and versatile structure that adapts to the most different requirements of space.

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Wooden kitchen red ideas

Cloe 33 Cesar, G. Design V. Plazzogna, has minimalist and rigorous lines that join more easily to the living areas settings. The knotty oak of the latest versions brings out the colors of the lacquered or laminated inserts. The top edge and side of column containers, with 30-degree profile, gives practicality to the opening of the doors even without the use of metal handles. The details in red are in shades rust, red, ruby ??red. The basic module, knotty oak finishing oils and vegetable waxes with 2 baskets, size L 120 x W 62 x H 87 cm: 1,645 euro price.

Colorful kitchen design  with red touch

Tetrix Scavolini, inspired by one (namesake) of the most famous games in the world, please refer to the concepts of “interlocking” and “composition”; pictured the angular setting characterized by doors with panels covered with cold painted tempered glass plates, matte finish in multicolor. The bases, suspended type for the cooking area, join the Peninsula and have reduced height doors matt absolute white color. Green roofs are opaque turquoise color. The opening takes place through an upper horizontal groove profile and central to the basics. The top is in Quartz color Gris Ceniza. On the right, columns pantry and appliances with doors made of tempered glass plates colored Red Raspberry in a shiny finish. Basic rectangular modules coupled to one another on horizontal axes are cm L 60 x P 36 Price on request.

small kitchen design with red touch

The Composizione_10 Replay Next Rosa kitchens in the program Look System characterized by doors with a thickness of 22 mm of robustness and honor, presents the “folding table”, practical alternative to the traditional table, is a peninsula extending supported by the frame, “frame”, made up of double floor with staggered heights that also becomes large bearing surface and work. The system versions with handle, “Gola” system Allegra and handle system is available from “pocket” Gloria. Anta base L 60 cm: price starting from 124 euro.

Red kitchen design

red kitchen design

home design red kitchen ideas

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