Classic Chairs Or Retro

In the tradition juxtaposed in a classic wooden table, the chairs in style does not go out of fashion, especially in the new classic versions, characterized by clean lines and neutral tones, and are now often also combined with modern high-tech tables, glass and metal. The classic-retro chairs, which are inspired by the lines and past work, have a charm that is not affected by fashions and that creates a refined atmosphere and warm. The soft, embracing lines characterize the legs and seats, usually large, padded and upholstered with fabrics pleasant to the touch and fine leather, with high backs that provide comfort. The materials used for the structure ranging from solid wood to wrought iron, often crafted with great care, as it once was. Among the models that are inspired by the styles of the past are also the ones with thatched sessions; some versions, which go back to the rural tradition of the late nineteenth century, are now revisited and proposals with lacquer in bright colors.


It is inspired by the nineteenth-century models and has the back elegantly perforated. It is entirely made of solid beech and the surface is antiqued and polished by hand in more phases with beeswax is branded to distinguish it from imitations. Size L 47 x W 52 x H 94 cm and costs 333 euro. Obsidian The Fablier.


Large, compact and stackable, is covered with woven chenille damask embossed on the bottom of ivory shantung. The supporting structure is made of chrome-plated stainless steel rod. Size L 57 x W 57 x H 80 cm and costs 490 euro in the basic version. Zero Mussi.

It’s lightweight and easy to move, also is fully removable. The structure is in ash and is available upholstered in fabric or leather. Size L 45 x W 58 x H 84 cm and costs 432 euro in the basic version. Vik of Ligne Roset.


It is veneered in walnut and has the back and the curved armrests that make it cozy: it can be made even more comfortable with a special cushion. Size L 58 x W 50 x H 76 cm and costs 149 euro. Stockholm Ikea.


It has a shape in the cockpit and is covered in fabric; It is available in walnut with gray or natural finish. Size L 39 x W 40 x H 85 cm and costs 550 euro in the basic version. Model C-144 Dale Italy by Cantiero furniture.


Reminiscent of the eighteenth-century models and is covered in old rose velvet Teflon-treated; the structure is in gray weathered and bleached stained solid wood. Size L 50 x W 58 x H 94 cm and costs 169 euro. Louis Maisons du monde.


The back is padded with tufted and comes on the back of a convenient handle with metal rim; It is made of oak with a white finish. Size L 50 x W 50 x H 97 cm and costs 434 euro. Art. 001 477 of DB-Dialma Brown.


The chair Art. DB-001477 Dialma Brown has the padded backrest with capitonné and comes on the back of a convenient handle with metal rim; It is made of oak with a white finish. Size L 50 x W 50 x H 97 cm. Price 434 euro.

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