Colored wash basins for a bathroom that comes out from anonymity

The colored sinks make the bathroom vibrant young staff, the first glance. Perfect for the guest bathroom or children, who adore bright colors and will certainly be encouraged to use them, the colored wash basins are made in general especially in the basin-shaped versions, support of the plan or suspended, to be attached to the wall. Producing an abundance of choice in terms of colors, ranging from discrete, relaxing shades of pastel colors, pink and blue, to those inspired by the hues of nature, such as the green moss, to the classic colors or water colors bright as yellow and red, more determined and with great visual impact, energizing and solar. If purchased in pairs to be added, for him and for her, become twins, identical, or even in different tones of the same model.

As a support or suspended, the colored sinks – in different forms, ranging from square to round ones – can be made of various materials: in the traditional ceramics, in innovative and ecological materials (such as ecomalta), or in “cold glass”, composed of glass pigments and resins. Some materials exhibit very pleasant to the touch material surfaces: a rough effect, as in the case of natural stone, or velvety. Only care if you choose colored basins, the rest of the environment better be neutral or rigoramente well-matched background, paying attention to the furniture combinations and bath sponges, so as not to mix more than two colors “important” and point to solid colors or even contrasts provided proven and highly effective.

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It is the two-tone washbasin Water of 11.00 Happy Hour Hatria collection. Made of ceramic with a soft texture and material, it is part of a series available in different colors, pictured in the blue and white combination. Size L 50 x W 38 x H 15.5 cm. Price on request.

It can be in pink and blue colors of the ceramic sink Block 50 Xilon. Prepared for wall anchor, it has 18 cm deep tub. Size L 50 x W 35 x H 25 cm. Price 550 euro.

It has a silky touch surfaces for the washbasin colored backing of Cognac The.Artceram series. It is made ecomalta, an ecological and eco-sustainable material, and is available in different colors and finishes. Size ø 42 x H 16 cm. Price on request.


It is made from cold glass colored small sink Quadrotto Regia with design by Bruna Rapisarda. Available in six different colors, you can install on the wall or placed on a large glass top 60 cm or combine with other basins due to special shelves-shelf. Size L 35 x W 35 cm. Price on request.

They have clean lines the two washbasins of Terre collection of Sky in moss finish. The collection is available in a range of colors and materials inspired to 16 colors of land and plant and mineral elements. Price of ø 45 cm basin, each and excluding VAT, 550 euro.

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