Decorate The Living Room In Soft Colors And Relaxing Interior

In every room of the house is the choice of colors and finishes, which contributes most of all – to an extent even greater than the material chosen – the end result, the effect of the whole: the shades of textile items, furniture and even floors and walls they are the true soul of the environments and help to create the first impression of a room. The living room in the photo below is decorated in shades of blue, blue and gray; the floor is dark wood.

The result is a relaxed elegance. Sofa, carpets, curtains, chairs, even the leather top of the tables: finishes and these shades fabrics, used in gradation for the different elements, have mainly aimed to recall and emphasize the natural colors of the exterior of the apartment, overlooking a panoramic terrace. The blue sky is so in harmony with the indoor environment. The blue and shades of blue are the colors of relaxation and tranquility: stand out and are enhanced by the contrast with a dark background (in this case the floor in wenge) or white.

Also in the dining area, the color palette is much agreement with that of the conversation area, with the difference that the tones are lightened, becoming soft. So the blue fades further in the finishing of the wall and the gray is very small in the large areas of work plans in brushed steel. Delicate also the speaker of the lamp, in clear essence of bamboo. These discreet colors are particularly sensitive to light, which passes through them and edit them, and so are very versatile in the combinations. The dark tones of the parquet wood notes highlight color in contrast, therefore, play a decisive role in the environment where reigns a perfect balance thanks to measured vibrations.

Photos: living environment of Cristina Fiorentini.

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Sofa and ottoman Alyon Calligaris

lema sign tables

Tonin Casa dining table Rome

Armchair Bistro De Padua

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