Decoration of a contemporary and minimalist interior with white and wood for home 60 meters square

Today we bring you the interior of a decorated house of Sidney, a house that combines a clean design with a natural touch. Simplicity and minimalism are present in this decorated house, where beauty lies in its neatness and how to distribute all the elements in space house with 60 meters square.

One of the most interesting proposals of this minimalist interior is the shelf full of books that occupy the entire open wall from the living room to the kitchen-dining room. Taking advantage of this wall, we get a library space that hardly takes up space and that allows us to have a large volume of free space in a really small space. This wall, through a step, introduces us to a simple kitchen, white, with a table and chairs in the center, these wooden color.

The wood color and the white color will be the main protagonists in this minimalist house. White ceilings and walls and wood floors. The white and wood color will also be used for the furniture, creating a very beautiful harmony between both colors. The minimalist decoration, brings us different original pieces such as the center table of the living room, in the form of semi-circle of natural wood or the side table that we will find right next door.

Natural light is also very present in the decoration of this minimalist house, light that enters through the various windows that we find in the different spaces of this house.

Although it is a very refined decoration following the maxim of “less is more”, the truth is that this minimalist decoration is framed in a house full of personality, with high ceilings and decorative moldings. The fusion of this modern space with character helps us to create unique environments but with fluid spaces and light.

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