Decoration Of A House Of 66 Square Meters

The decoration of houses is in fashion, shows of this is the flood of decoration programs that we can see daily in channels like Divinity, in which its protagonists see how they transform their homes into the home of their dreams. Nowadays, it does not take much space to have a nice and functional house, with only 66 square meters you can end up having the perfect house for you, we will show it to you!

One of the best ways to make a small house look bigger is to use the open concept. That means opening the spaces, creating large open spaces. In this apartment of 66 square meters, the kitchen, the living room and the dining room share the same differentiated space, in a simple and functional.

The walls have been dressed very well, with narrow shelves and decorative paintings that give texture and personality to the living room. Another important detail is the large sofa and coffee table, simple and without many complications. Note: A carpet is a great choice to give color and freshness to a small living room.

The furniture of the television is minimalist, white, with few decorative details, little more than a photograph, some vases and some books. A graphic box offers a modern and chic look at the same time.

An original way of separating the rooms, is using the ceiling, as we can see in the previous image. This apartment of 66 square meters separates the kitchen-dining area with the living room with a wooden ceiling.

The double room is simple and functional, with a single black wall, to give depth to the bedroom. The light wood furniture, the natural details, the dark carpet and the perfectly thoughtful paintings, have just given a unique, harmonious and beautiful touch.

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