Decoration Of A Small House Full Of Personality In Holland

There is nothing that I like more than a good house decorated with personality. Like most interior designers and interior designers, I think the house has to be the reflection of the soul, of the people who live in it. That is why, clean and orderly houses, often belong to people with a very squared way of being, while houses in chaos and disorder, are often homes where people live chaotic and disorganized minds. The same goes for the choice of colors and accessories: your house talks about you!

So, seeing this small house in My Scandinavian Home, I could not help falling in love with the photographs. Although there are some ideas too bold (at least for me, and I love eccentric things), I think it’s a cozy, nice, cool and fun place. Following the Scandinavian style, this house is great for a family with children as their owner.

After all, it seems that the Scandinavian style as a decorative style is growing stronger as one of my favorite decorative styles, let’s have a look at this little house!

House full of personality

A nice kitchen, with accessories full of color that contrast with the white of the house. House full of personality

A place for the study of children. The desks look like they were taken from an old school and the mural on the wall with the map of their country gives a very nice effect.

The house is full of details full of color, something that excels in spaces so warm. Home full of personality

Elements with graphic designs, intelligent use of color and decorative elements, I love it!

Nature could not lack as decorative elements. House full of personality

The fireplace maintains its personality and charisma.Casa full of personality a unique double room.

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