Decoration of a small house with classic-nordic style

Today we bring you a classic, beautiful and practical floor, an architectural beauty that hides many beautiful and magical corners that will fall in love with just a glance. It is a small house with personality, where every corner is thought, where each piece of furniture has its function, and each painting serves to convey feelings. This classic atmosphere exudes Nordic style too, due to the combination of colors and the pragmatism that characterizes it, let’s take a look at this Home Tour!

This apartment consists of a single room and a living room with kitchen. It is a small house, ideal for a single person who lives alone. With so little space, it is logical that its decoration is thought to the millimeter. In the living-dining area, in addition to the sofa and all the furniture typical of the living room areas, we find a desk, designed as a work area. On this desk, we find an old picture that seems drawn from a very earlier time.

Natural light is very important in the home, thanks to a number of windows there is, something that helps make it look wider than it really is. The natural details are also a constant in this apartment, with all kinds of elements that help give a touch of nature to this place so warm.

The wallpaper on part of the wall helps to give this classic look in the house since it has a very classic print. The bedroom is not very big, with a single bed and little else.

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