Design and technology for the bathroom, from the sink to the tub

Awarded the IF Design Award, the Ideal Standard Tonic II collection offers complete bathroom solutions, combining contemporary design with innovative technology plus, first among them the revolutionary AquaBlade® exhaust system. The Tonic II series consists of sinks, sanitary ware, furniture, taps and basins. Tonic II collection of Ideal Standard for a complete bathroom from A to Z.

The Sinks

The available models from support and top, in a full range of sizes and method of installation, the sinks of Tonic II give the color space set: in addition to the traditional white version, are also available with a refined edge light brown colored. Washbasin top with light brown colored border Tonic II.

The Health

The Tonic II vessels are equipped with the revolutionary AquaBlade® technology, which enhances the interior aesthetics of the vessel and ensures an unprecedented cleaning. The absence of the rim ensures the complete washing of the basin, limits the bacterial proliferation and allows an ultra-rapid cleaning.

The flush-mounted universal pot allows you to replace the existing toilet without intervention on the systems, covering distances from the wall between 12 and 20 cm. The Tonic II seats are equipped with a quick release system for easy cleaning and quick. Toilet and bidet wire Tonic II wall with AquaBlade® technology.


Tonic II offers a range of modular elements (shelves, mobile pedestal, wall side) to create your ideal in the bathroom environment. The furniture Tonic II offer a selection of 5 colors to match 3 finishes of handles. The new Ideal Flow system optimizes the use of the furniture interior, allowing you to earn 20% more space.

All drawers are equipped with soft closing and a comfortable light LED that is activated via a sensor and can be recharged via USB. The mirrors of Tonic II series are equipped with a special anti-fog treatment to ensure that they are always ready to use. Mobile Vanity Tonic II with Ideal Flow system that allows you to earn 20% more space.

The Taps

The Tonic II taps is equipped with adjustable aerators and a device for saving water, which limits the water flow to 5 l / min. The temperature limiter, accessory to install, ensures a higher level of safety avoiding burns. Technology Easy Fix finally allows the centering of the mixer on the ceramic in a single operation, making installation quick and easy.

The Tank : A World of Relaxation

In addition to the traditional rectangular models, the Tonic II collection offers the beautiful model “free standing”, to create in your bathroom an iconic point of attention. Each Tonic II tank design reflects the elegance of the other components of the line and helps create harmony in the whole bathroom.

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