Eurokitchen 2016: Soft Touch Surfaces For New Kitchens

Perfect for the compositions in view of the living, the models on display at Eurocucina 2016 with contemporary design feature of effect finishes, made with special materials that highlight the smoother appearance or texture of the surfaces, sometimes pleasantly vintage look, often with elements burnished metal effect or oxidized. Used for base, wall or column, these special finishes are obtained in some cases with craftsmanship, and with color manual steps you can simulate the effect of brushed metal surfaces in different colors (copper, oxidized metal, burnished brass, lead … ), using paints or ecoresin. On the doors so processed, the opening is usually ensured by grooves that replace the handles without interrupting the aesthetics of the surface. In other cases, however, similar results are obtained with the Fenix, innovative technological material *, for some time applied in interior design. Available in a wide range of trendy colors, is made possible thanks to the new generation resins, guaranteeing softness to the touch, low light reflection, repairability heat of micro-scratches and high abatement activities of bacteria, plus really important.

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Ingot Xera is the new kitchen characterized by a special process that gives it a pleasantly vintage look: the burnished brass finish applied to each door with manual processing. The rounded top of the peninsula is Kaesar Brown stone; the table and the over-top floors are made of eucalyptus wood.

Antis Euromobil is presented in the new version of Fusion, a new lacquered finish made with six manual steps that simulates the effect of brushed metal surfaces, it is available in three colors: Copper, Oxidized, Lead. The large glass wall cabinets are lacquered in a contrasting color as the floor. It is a fully customizable template.

Tabula Trento & Bizzotto in collaboration with designer Henry Pasa is the new craft and modular model that allows you to adapt to different needs. It is enriched by the “wall” system, configured to the centimeter, with fronts that size and material lining or replacing the walls; the materials used are solid wood and Paperstone or cement resins.

Atelier line Abimis is the new “tailor made” kitchen made entirely in Italy using traditional finishes: it is destined to last and has the typical characteristics of the models for professional catering. The structure and the floors are made of steel; doors and compartments squared day give it a clean line.

Blade Modulnova is an open model on living made unique by the presence of large land-aluminum ceiling panels, without sockets and handles, available in an infinite range of colors and finishes. The reduced depth of the bases and the soft color make it elegant and sophisticated composition.

Infinity Diagonal Stosa is a kitchen characterized by the innovative opening system Diagonal in which the handle is mounted directly on the door, it worked with an exclusive inclined cut, which facilitates the taking. Alternates bases in Fenix ​​gray elements in melamine thermo-structured in knotty oak finish.

Imagine Lux Lube Kitchens is a model that creates seamless integration with the living through the new library program that has the elements coordinated with those of the kitchen. The doors are opened by opening the throat and allow you to enjoy the grain of Oak Cognac finish; The tops are made Fenix ​​smoke.

Opal Arrex Le Cucine is an original model made by the complete uniformity of the surfaces are designed in an ecoresin light gray, an ecological material applied manually. The result is a total uniform look, durable and comfortable.

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