Former Farm Become House

After a thorough restoration, a two-level building has been converted into a dwelling. From the entrance, located on the lower level and now used as an art studio, to the apartment itself, via a staircase that opens onto the living room. The entire upper level – once used as a barn – has become a spacious attic volume, crossed lengthwise by a spectacular truss. The predominance of wood, on a sloping ceilings and on the ground, is enhanced by the white walls; the living, rather, a portion of the wall painted green breaks the warm tones with a fresh note of liveliness.


The entrance to the attic opens into the living room, where a library tailored and two sofas, arranged at an angle, circumscribe the conversation area. Numerous works by contemporary artists: a framework wall Claudio Poli; Ceiling, birds in Gianni Pignat iron sheet. Throughout the house, then, are the decorative wire conductor a series of objects in ceramic Raku (sophisticated Japanese firing technique) Paola Paronetto: like sculpture “Bomba” leaning against the floor, stitched with wire, or composition ” presence “, on wooden frame and sealed land, hanging above the sideboard in solid. On the living room carpet is covered in painted wool. • Floor lamp near the window: Artemide Tolomeo Halo



From the living room a sort of open corridor leads to the sleeping area, designed to a higher altitude. A plasterboard partition separates the living room from the kitchen: at the top is characterized by an overhang exploitable as a shelf.

Floors at different heights, why?
The construction of stairs inside a house certainly has an aesthetic value, because it makes it more complex volumes and gives personality to the rooms, but often hides technical reasons. In this case it offers two advantages: it guarantees to the rooms height proportionate to the size of the environments and allows – with the realization of a footrest of almost 1 meter in height – to derive a compartment “lose”, useful for the flush mounting the floor of a bath tub in the bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom.


The kitchen in white lacquered elle develops along the wall that divides it from the living room. The riser behind the operational area is protected with a coating of stoneware square tiles, while the top is in granite. The composition is mainly composed of bases. The only wall unit on the wall visually balance the boss of the hood.

3 ideas to copy for the kitchen

A glass separating
At the roof truss, the kitchen-living division was made of plasterboard. At the top it is completed by a fanlight double glass, supported by wooden frames. The solution has two advantages: lets in light and at the same time the island smells.

On the wall above the fires a plasterboard mask fireplace structure projecting the aspirator which, through a special duct, expels the cooking fumes. To ensure easy use and maintenance, it was treated with washable enamel.

The top multiplies

To obtain the additional support space, a structure in white lacquered, leaning against the bridge, you can make the best of top: above the floor every centimeter remains usable and more you create a shelf where you can place frequently used items.


all white furniture for the bedroom: wooden or fabric, the color of the furniture is clear, so as to “light up” the atmosphere of the room. The painted wall brick color frames of the bed area, blending n the floor and ceilings in essence. In the master bedroom, arranged at an angle to the wall, the bed has leather upholstered headboard made up of squares: between one and the other can be inserted in magazines and newspapers, photos or MINIBOOKS. • bed: Cubic Pianca with bed frame padded.

3 ideas to copy for the room

A structure headboard

It has a trapezoidal plan the wall on which it rests the bed. The top, for convenience, is coated with a shelf, while the switches in the design phase of the light to the sides of the headboard were provided. Alternatively, one could realize a mobile customized with compartment inner container, so as to have more space.

Shelf to ceiling
Fixed along the whole width of the wall, resizes the height of the room, creating an element of continuity. Given the dimensions, the aesthetic result is pleasing if the thickness is significant (at least 8 centimeters).

The colorful wall
An intense hue coloring makes it stand white furniture and “decorates” the wall of considerable size. The color chosen must have references in the room: in this case the collection vessels.


In the bathroom the wall coverings are tiles 20 x 20 cm, with a laying pattern in diagonal; classic also the sink line column and chrome towel rail. Of contemporary taste instead the choice of a wood plank floor. Thanks to the realization of a raised platform of about 1 meter, it is also able to collect flush the hot tub.


Whirlpool: What assessment
For the installation of a tank of this type it was necessary to provide, in the course of restructuring, the hydraulic and electrical connection and the related safety switch. Since the basin is embedded in the floor, to ensure the inspection of the equipment engine it has left an opening area through a door, which has been finished with hardwood floors. The standard system of 3 kW is sufficient only for the hot tub, but if you opt for models with multi-function box with for example the Turkish bath can serve an enhancement. In this case the technician has verified that the pressure in the apartment was sufficient to ensure the proper functioning of the numerous massage jets; otherwise it would be adding a pump. Given the size of the tub – comparable to those of a normal model – we were not also need no calculation as to the scope of the slab. This is rather crucial for the pools that, with depth and larger sizes, filled with water and thought for most people, they reach a significant weight.

The project

The rectangular building, already in the original version was equipped with openings on the perimeter walls sufficient to ensure adequate natural aeroilluminazione. In the absence of pre-existing divisions, internal partitions are created from scratch: the living room, which is accessed directly from the entrance to the lower floor is entirely used as a conversation area, while the kitchen is in a separate adjacent room. A higher fee is then located the party night, where the two rooms side by side bed are disengaged bathroom: equipped with a wardrobe to size, this introduces the utility room equipped with a large hot tub.


1 entrance Scala
2 Living Room
3 Corridor
4 Kitchen
5 Steps
6 Antibagno
7 Bathroom
8 Double room
9 Bedroom

Project surveyor Mario Paronetto
Photo: Cristina Galliena and Guelph Rugarli

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