From Old Laboratory at Home. With loft Atmospheres House Life

The fascinate unusual spaces for the potential that can be expressed. In this case, the property – a laboratory of 200 meters square once used by a stonemason – lent itself to live a second life by virtue of the very special architectural features: high ceilings, adjoining rooms lit by large windows, the typical air-lived of industrial space. Thus began the adventure of Andre and Sophie, a young couple with a passion for restoration and seeking unconventional spaces. Established the position of the master bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor, the home side have allocated to specific uses all other environments: on the lower level the large living area with the kitchen placed in a sheltered of living space; on the upper, two other bedrooms, a hobby area and a second local service. Recovery and creative recycling have been the watchwords that guided the choice of furniture: sofas as the pair has settled the old pallets covered with pillows and mattresses; the old coils have been the occasion to build the two tables of the stay while a scaffold has been converted to the supporting structure of the bed. To connect the two levels, with the original laboratory scale, repainted to match the fixtures.

1.Living Room


The current living room is a large room and bright, characterized by windows, high ceilings and a resin floor, elements that betray the industrial origin of these spaces. The iron and glass bay window, restored and renovated, is the fifth to the kitchen which is well divided but at the same time is an integral part of living.

2.Family Room


Much of the furnishings chosen by the hosts are recovery: an old bar of the fifties, repainted, has been converted to storage unit and basis for the tv. The coffee table in the foreground, as well as the dining table were originally coils for electric cables. The base with wheels allows you to move the tables easily.



The master bedroom is located on the ground floor off the living room. The bed is another example of creative recycling: the head is made with the old wooden floor while the bedframe is achieved by assembling an old scaffold. The arrangement of the furniture is unusual: the bed is placed in the center of the room with the wardrobe behind.



The staircase leading to the loft is the original old laboratory, it was enough to repaint it. The iron structure was first sandblasted and then painted with a glaze of the same color of the interior fixtures. The hallway provides access to the bathroom and two bedrooms.

5.Relaxaton Room


The relaxation area, set up in a corner of the loft, is resolved with sessions DIY arranged at an angle: sofa and chair rest on pallets with wheels, equipped with cushions and mattresses to make it more comfortable seats.



The bathroom plays on the contrasts between different materials. The “drawer” in the basin side was originally an old wooden ladder that was tailored and equipped with drawers, also of recovery. The sink table top was made from an old kitchen table, tiled. • Sink: Leroy Merlin. • Tile: Docks in Abk



The house is equipped with a small outdoor area with garden in fine weather you can dine out and enjoy an additional open space. A plus that strongly motivated the owners to give new life to the old workshop, transforming it into an original dwelling. The old laboratory windows were replaced with more efficient models and the outer walls were also repainted.

Ground floor plan


Legend: 1 Kitchen – 2 Dining Area – Living Room 3 – 4 Double bedroom – 5 bathroom / laundry – 6 Disengagement

First floor plan


Legend: 7 Relax zone – 8 Bedroom – 9 Bathroom with entrance – 10 Bedroom

Project: André Massin and surveyor Gabriel Boz
Furniture and decoration: Trevisanato Sophie
Stickers and decorations: Leroy Merlin

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