Furnish the Kitchen Including Interior Table

The presence of the table, directly connected to the kitchen elements, creates complete and equipped area, which can accommodate family and friends even during the preparation of meals: the kitchen is transformed into the center of the house, in real hearth around which to gather. Compared to the snack counter, the traditional table offers the advantage of being “easier” to use even for children (and the elderly), also it allows you to set the table also large tables in a traditional and formal way. It is the ideal solution in open spaces where you want to avoid the creation of net separations compared to living and maintain open spaces and also visually seen as a “unique”.

Large or small, the table can be made with lines and materials coordinated with the kitchen furniture (at least taking one of his finishes), or “disconnect” completely to create contrasts that enhance the color and the texture of other furniture . When did the metal legs should be brushed or chromed depending on the metal finishes in the composition (for example those of handles); alternatively, the ground supports are lacquered or in essence choice for floor and wall units.

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It is extremely flexible and adaptable model of the The Cut Record Cucine characterized by a table that can slide outside the main volume and turn up for the different daily needs. The kitchen has a sleek, compact design that makes it look like a contemporary sculpture, enhanced by the refined contrast between the oak and matt white lacquered. Price on request. www.recordcucine.com

Tweet Zampieri Kitchens is a young and dynamic model made of lacquered hemp, but available in many different colors and featuring an aluminum profile. The table has a painted metal structure coordinated with the profile of the doors and the floor in melamine. The many open elements inserted in the wood paneling create continuity with the living. Price on request. www.zampiericucine.it

Code Evolution of Snaidero kitchen is a vintage flavor consists of sliding compact laminate lived effect wood and iron details such as screws, handles and door accessories bars. central island joins the long table top that is inspired by the industrial models and is able to accommodate large tables of friends thanks to the presence of the benches. Price on request. www.snaidero.it

The table made of oak knotty natural and coordinated with shelves transforms Cloe Cesar in a cozy and warm kitchen with a contemporary style. The grain of the wood are enhanced by the echo of the dark concrete doors; the total absence of handles accentuates the linearity. A base in eco cement with two baskets size L 120 x W 62 x H 87 cm. Price 1385.92 euro. www.cesar.it

It opens directly onto the living Mood Scavolini and lets you live the kitchen without boundaries; items suspended from the ground make the lightweight composition. It is available in different versions to suit different needs. The island has a cooking area and a long table with built-in two-storey heights. The bases of the doors are veneered in Absolute White Oak like structure; the cabinets are lacquered in glossy shades of blue. Price on request. www.scavolini.com

Bijou Aran is characterized by glass doors to choose between twenty-two glossy or satin colors juxtaposed with an innovative material such as porcelain stoneware worked in thin sheets resistant to heat, scratches, and bumps. The dark wood table creates a nice contrast that enhances the brightness of the colors. Price on request. www.arancucine.it

The innovative island of New Logica System Valcucine has an equipped back that allows you to create a separation between the kitchen and the dining area, without having to give the width of the room, and containing and concealing all the equipment. On the backrest engages the wooden table with a sophisticated design. Price on request. www.valcucine.it

Wind 54 Toncelli has an island with the chamfered doors in cement Eta Blanc (exclusive mixture obtained by the addition of marble dust) which engages the top of the table often made of high quality wood Ziricote and supported by a concrete foundation. The wardrobe consists of six white glass doors enclosed by a major wooden frame. Price on request. www.toncelli.it

The doors of Extra Doimo Kitchens open through elegant inlets obtained in the door itself that enhance the gloss color available in thirty-two variants. The table has the oak veneer and polished metal legs plan. Price on request. www.doimocucine.it

The large peninsula HD23 by Rossana is tailored to meet the diverse needs and is equipped with a large table with solid wood base. The doors are smooth and square, gray matt lacquered silk or available in wood, with large handles with satin stainless steel finish. Price on request. www.rossana.it

Imagine Lube is equipped with a table, inserted directly in the peninsula, which has the shaped top with an asymmetric and sinuous line. The wall units have doors with rounded edges of vintage flavor; the neutral and bright color of the elements is broken by details in the refined shades of light blue pastel. Price on request. www.cucinelube.it

Kali of Arredo3 has laminate doors in Nordic Oak embellished with gorges and burnished aluminum hooves; The top is made of fenix ottawa beaver. On the peninsula joins the large table that has a simple design and is equipped with a long matching bench. A basic size L 60 x W 58.5 x H 72 cm: price in the basic version 115 euro. www.arredo3.it

An aged wooden table oak with support for telescopic tripod for Maya Stosa that the doors postforming in refined shades of gray with a throat opening. It is a model that fits even the smaller rooms. Price on request. www.stosacucine.com

clear and bright shades to Alwar Ricci House the modular fitted kitchen which is characterized by large metal handles and a large table / work plan: ideal for eating or cooking. Size L 255 cm; Price 1,450 EUR. www.riccicasa.it

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