“Geometric” And Fine Furnishings, The Containers For The Stay

square lines, precious woods and innovative materials characterize the new container furniture for the living at the Show 2016: beliefs and cupboards in fact have a geometry and a minimalist design that emphasize the high quality of materials used such as oak and walnut. The elegant geometric lines are highlighted by the colors that are uncompromising: light or dark, white / silver or black / dark brown. The doors in some cases are lined with unusual materials such as aluminum mirror, the lacquered glass or beige leather. The furnishings are made light by the presence of thin metal structures decorated with elegant finishes. Beliefs have a compact shape, linear, which makes monolithic and underlines the volume leaving only the spectacular “materiality” of the coatings.

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Fifty Zampieri is a piece of furniture for living spaces made up of beliefs and other container elements which can be combined at will. The thick slat doors are oak flamed sandblasted and oxidized or painted alternatively with iron powder; the opening takes place by means of carved grooves. www.zampiericucine.it

Cubric Reflex has the original doors and the sides made of mirroring steel bent by hand in three-dimensional diamond shape; the opening is a push-pull. L ‘interior and the back are in walnut or oak. www.riflessisrl.it

The cupboard Picture of Lema, design Cairoli & Donzelli, is inspired by the seventies playing between opposites: volume of strong stage presence of thermo-treated oak, lacquered glass top, essential basis of bronzed metal support. Result of the design philosophy that mixes Lema cleverly industrial innovation and craftsmanship. www.lemamobili.com

Inmotion Mdf Italy has a mobile container available in many different formats in finishes matt black stained ash, open pore. The support structure makes it lightweight metal composition. It features lacquered trays in bright colors. www.mdfitalia.it

Neck Presotto has squared timewood doors solid wood finish, but is also available in the version of matt lacquer thirty colors. The absence of handles allows to enjoy the wood grain; also the essential line of cupboard allows to draw him for classic furniture is contemporary. www.presotto.it

Self Up Rimadesio is a container for the large and light living, made of white lacquered glass, also available in other sixty two colors. The thin legs are made of aluminum in different finishes. www.rimadesio.it

Arc of Domitalia is a cupboard with a monolithic and compact form, the surface of the doors is devoid of handles: the opening occurs through a groove that is also an original decorative motif. Size L 180 x W 54 x H 81 cm. www.domitalia.it

Wing Pacini & Cappellini is a plated cupboard in walnut or ash; The base is made of solid wood. It has three doors, the open shelves and two drawers that create a nice balance between full and empty. Size L 124 x W 52 x H 187 cm. www.paciniecappellini.it

Bak Frag is a cabinet made up of a chest in walnut made unique by the doors covered in fine pale skin; The structure is made of dark gray brushed steel with leather details. Size L 135 x W 50 x H 115 cm. www.frag.it

Lochness Cappellini is a cupboard with two large colorful lacquered hinged doors that hide inside shelves and drawers. Also it exists in natural oak or wenge version; They are available on the table and coordinated desk. Size L 147 x W 50 x H 120 cm. www.cappellini.it

Hi-Deck Capod’opera is a cabinet in oiled linden wood container with the surface of the doors decorated with an original geometric pattern made with laser engravings. The interiors are lacquered in bright colors in contrast. Size L 143.2 x W 41 x H 134 cm. www.capodopera.it

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