Good Design Kitchen Award : Wins Camouflaged Kitchen Design

Among the trends of contemporary living, it is becoming the need to have fluid spaces, to live according to the need of the hour. A unique environment becomes the collector of different activities: typical example of living in an open space that houses both the kitchen and the living room. In this new conception, the kitchen is gradually losing its traditional footprint to become an element in neutral characteristics, able to occupy center stage but with discretion. A place to display and live at all hours of the day, thanks to its fundamental design, able to integrate into any type of furniture.

An example of this evolution is a model recently awarded the Good Design Award: liberated from the classic signs of the universe kitchen – cabinets, handles, exposed appliances, shelves – bride rigorous and elegant lines, far from the classic stereotypes. The wall units are replaced by containers/columns of intermediate height (choice of 130, 150 and 182 cm), while the retractable hood is integrated into the top. Higher volumes also proposed to the center of the space, are accessible from both sides and act as a link between the kitchen and the living. A series of multi-storey complete the project. Every detail is designed for maximum convenience: the jutting doors than top floors make the throat more functional and easy to clean, while the top can have curves of your hips for maximum linearity.

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The Elle model of Snaidero, winner of the Good Design Award.

The Elle kitchen by Snaidero is customizable through an exclusive collection of materials and textures signed by designer Monica Armani.

The Elle model Snaidero features appliances recessed and concealed. In the photo, the integrated hood in the top.

Star of Elle is the aluminum profile system, painted with a finishing material, which reinvented the concept of the throat to the opening of the compartments and drawers.

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