Heat-Beating Mattresses : Comfort And Well-Being For An Optimal Rest

The mattress is a key element to promote the proper rest. On the one hand the ergonomic shape that follows the contour of the body, is shaped and allows the spine to not take uncomfortable positions for maximum postural comfort; other natural materials and the applied technology, breathable, that favor air circulation and maintain constant the microclimate between body and mattress.

During the summer, the high degree of the surrounding warmth and high humidity do not allow a peaceful sleep. windows closed and turned on air conditioners are often not sufficient to solve the problem and you have to resort to other solutions. The study of human behavior, research and industrial innovation, induce companies realize mattresses that combine comfort and practicality, softness and durability, comfort and breathability.

Companies in the industry today, ensuring optimal solutions, thanks to the production of mattresses, pillows and accessories, manufactured with high quality materials and padding and innovation, and next-generation networks, to ensure health and well-being. Today, some more than other mattress models allow you to enjoy a cooler and comfortable rest in the past, thanks to the latest technology, the three-dimensional composition, micro-ventilation systems and new materials, born from the evolution of polyurethane foams, based on highly breathable and flexible gels.

Some models, for example, also suitable for the summer, take an exclusive technology and are equipped with special springs made of polymeric material, which improve the reception of the product and make a higher ventilation. Others, for a feeling of absolute freshness, favor the air exchange in the vertical and in the horizontal when pressure is applied on the surface, thanks to a structure to open and intercommunicating holes.

Other brands still have created instead a composition in gel that facilitates the passage of air in the mattress structure, ensuring better temperature control and breathability of the skin. It is eco-friendly materials, non-deformable that, in conjunction with Memory, fit the body, providing maximum relaxation. Other companies have, however, focused upon creating liners Allergy composed of fibers and natural materials that also release microcrystals of menthol. The new double-sided mattresses have a summer side made of organic cotton, which absorbs moisture and promotes the loss of body heat, helping to keep your mattress fresh.

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The mattress Tekno Gel Fabricatore is a removable product, highly innovative and hygienic compound within a layer of gel Memory above to one of Aquacell. The Memory Gel (I-Kool technology) is a mixture of Foam Memory and micro-capsules of gel, much more breathable than normal Memory, for a more comfortable rest and cool. In the gel the inclusion of ceramic micro-particles, increases the conductivity of well 4 times, compared to a conventional memory, making it perfect for the summer period. The AquaCell is a special open-cell material, which originates from the union of water and air with new generation polymers mixed with extracts of natural essential oils. Height H 20, the single measuring 80 x 190 cm; 120 x 190 cm; 160 x 190 cm. Price of bed: 990 €. www.fabricatore.it

Loft Wellness line of mattress Bedding Italy with Climaluxe technology and Airforce, which ensures a greater feeling of freshness. The contact surfaces in Elasgel and Elasgum fit perfectly to the body and improve the performance in terms of importance. The mattress has a removable cover with conditioned version perimeter band 3D volumetric fabric, natural padding to 5 layers of different materials (synthetic stuffing with aloe particles, Allergy cotton fibers, merino wool). Exterior Tecnofiber, with silver ions, antimicrobial. H 23 cm. www.bedding.it

SHIRLEY the Prestige line of Valflex is an orthopedic mattress, regenerative and non-deformable, comprising microspheres of gel which play a beneficial action for the body and for the circulation. Three differentiated support layers: the top layer in a soft and fresh Multi Foam FreshGel, the intermediate layer in Mind Foam Memory Effect massaging effect and the lower layer in Technocell Aquapur high density and open cell. The intrinsic properties of FreshGel offer excellent physiological comfort, commensurate with the distribution of body weight, which facilitates better temperature control and breathability of the skin. Removable on four sides. H 22 cm. www.valflex.com

Mattress Magnigel Dual 12 Magnigel collection of Magniflex has innovative breathable material that allows air circulation and maintains the microclimate between the body and mattress. The composition of Magnigel Foam gel facilitates the passage of air into the structure of mattresses and pillows. The presence of the 3D band, combined with the fabric Viscose, ensures maximum breathability. The Dual Core plate allows the use of two different media, medium soft and medium firm, flipping the mattress. Standard size L 190 x W 160 x H 33 Price 1,576 EUR. www.magniflex.com

TWIN 1500 Dorelan mattress independent spring, with NATURLIFE removable lining. The mattresses Dorelan independent springs are divided in to different areas, the structure is in fact divided into different zones according to the parts of the body that will have to support. The internal spirals provide a body support variable proportional to its weight, reacting to the pressure exerted in a differentiated way and returning an appropriate thrust. The mattress Twin 1500 is suitable for those who suffer from the heat thanks to the side band in high-breathable 3D fabric and the extraordinary characteristics of the liner composed of fibers and natural materials. Price for the double version 1,490.00 €. www.dorelan.it

Bultex mattress Literie Italian Ice with lining Care with strong heat-beating properties. Fresh, non-allergenic and perfectly breathable, Ice Care offers a cool, dry contact with the mattress due to its soft padding made from Organic Cotton, grown without the use of pesticides and chemicals, and the Polar treatment, based microcrystals menthol, which maximizes the capacity of reaction to humidity, limiting the perspiration and facilitate breathability. Price double mattress with lining Ice-Care 1.070,00 euro. www.bultex.it and www.literieitalia.com

The mattress of Tempur Original Breeze collection 22 supports the body in a comfortable position, reducing nocturnal movements and ensuring maximum relaxation. Breeze’s unique technology, combined with the rigid support of the original collection, avoids a feeling of excessive heat donating fresh and restful sleep. The Climate Tempur material is combined with a certified lining, which does not contain harmful substances or allergens, and designed to disperse excess moisture, allowing air flow and creating an optimal micro-climate. Retail price from 1.500,00 € to 2.750,00 € depending on the size. www.tempur.com

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