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The dresser is a timeless decor, the only difference from the past is that it is not coordinated with other pieces of the bedroom, but almost always added at a later time. This is because when “you put on the house” the budget is tight, and in the beginning, we just limited to the purchase of the main pieces, both to evaluate more carefully the terms of the space when you already live in the house and ideas are clearer.

The storage unit is a container that develops more in width and less in height, which has an average size of approximately L 140 x H 55 cm, and a variable number drawers, from two to four. When the drawer is inside the cabinet, it can be equipped with suitable trays for shirts, or with sliding baskets for sweaters or, still, with special dividers for the linen. As for colors and finishes the rule, to create a pleasant environment is to not mix furnishings of different essences. At a textile, the bed is fine to combine a wooden chest of drawers or lacquered, with attention to form. Because the final effect is successful when the room is small size, it is preferable to opt for simple lines:

In the drawers, you can put anything you can not or will hang: the first pull, but also sweatshirts, shirts, cotton shirts, and underwear. The important thing is to divide the leaders carefully and divide them by category reserving different sectors. Garments should be stored coupled, alongside the accompanying lingerie and socks. And, to save space, you must learn the art of “bending.”

The question of space: it all depends on the shape and size of the room. If the environment, once furnished with bed and wardrobe, has a surface free to accommodate other accessories, then position the drawer can be really helpful. In the furniture, the distribution must take into account that, to move comfortably in the room, need at least 70 cm around the bed and the cabinet doors must be operable without obstacles. If space allows, it does not matter if the wardrobe is already equipped with drawers, a container more and more is needed: for example, to accommodate the bedding. New homes have surfaces environments equal to or slightly higher than the limits provided for by the Building Regulations (in Milan, for the master bedroom 14 square meters). When space is limited, it is preferable to arrange a chest of drawers in the cabinet and maybe choose a bed with storage or drawers below.

White lacquered worked at the waves, the Electra of drawers Cantero has the floor equipped with aluminum groove profile that allows the opening of the handle-top drawer. Size L 139 x W 55 x H 80 cm. Price 2,500 EUR. www.cantiero.com

Dresser painted with water-based paints, Rijeka Sassi of Falagnameria 1946. It lends itself to any combination of their own style for the simple linear form and enhanced by the perfectly smooth and polished finish. Size L 136 x W 52 x H 69 cm. Price 1,287 EUR. www.falagnameria1946.it

Fitted with three drawers, the dresser of Flow Juta has a highly scratch-resistant finish, while the Style dresser, in sand colors and dark gray, and Epoque, white and gray. The drawers, full extension with the soft closing, can be trimmed flush (pictured in the foreground) or side handle. Measures: L 123.5 x W 56 x H 69 cm, L 120 x W 58 x H 69 cm. Price 988 euro. www.flou.it

White lacquered chest of drawers with three drawers with natural American walnut, Sweet 65 Gervasoni, with brushed steel legs. It is available in multiple variations of colors and finishes. Size L 180 x W 50 x H 70 cm. Price 2,579 EUR. www.gervasoni1882.it

Combines with other elements of the series, the drawer Ikea Brimnes is fitted with catches to prevent the opening of the drawers, the overturning of the same. Made of tempered glass and foil. Size L 78 x W 41 x H 95 cm. Price 69,90 euro. www.ikea.it

Polished glass and lacquered wood, the Air Storage drawers of Lake have a sleek and clean line. Size L 55.2 x W 40.6 x H 130.5 cm. Price 2,169 EUR. www.lago.it

Container for Shen sleeping area of ??Lema in lacquered wood. The chest of drawers is made with canting system handles for continuous and minimalist effect. Size L 127 x W 56 x H 70 cm. Price 1,699 EUR. www.lemamobili.com

It is inspired by the countries of the South, the South dresser Maisons Du Monde brightly striped in saffron tones Baird era style. Colored wooden handles and alloy aged bronze-colored zinc, has the solid oak floor chestnut color. Size L 90 x W 40 x H 85 cm. Price 399 euro. www.maisonsdumonde.com

It has the structure in the natural cherry wood on trestle legs Zero Morelato chest. It is divided into pairs of 3 drawers with orange. Size L 143 x W 53 x H 87 cm. Price 2,497 EUR. www.morelato.it

Is part of a versatile collection the dresser Pandora Night by Poliform, oak spear with metal legs bronzed views. It is also available in gloss and matt lacquer, in a variety of colors. Size L 148.5 x W 52 x H 71.3 cm. Price excluding VAT 1,994 EUR. www.poliform.it

A game of contrasts for Cubs of Team7 Pure, natural wood chest of drawers covered with colored glass panels. Optionally drawer fronts can be made of glass or wood, even combined, as in the picture. Available in three heights and three widths, in the version with three or four drawers. In size L 101.2 x W 42 x H 69.4 cm. Price 1,881 EUR. wwww.team7.it

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