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The benefits of the classic Finnish sauna are known: purifies the skin and relaxes, helps to strengthen the immune system and due to body perspiration eliminates acids and toxins. The original sauna comprises reaching about 100 ° C inside the cabin with a moisture content of less than 20%. For those who can not tolerate such high temperatures, there are also models with heat more “content”, starting from 60 ° C. The dimensions are very variable, depending on the space available, but above all by the number of desired seats. Almost always made to measure and project, saunas can be fitted at will.

The saunas have a frame-shaped cabin, wood, natural material, perfumed, insulating and resistant to high temperatures and humidity, while the closing doors are typically tempered glass with a thickness of 8 mm. Inside the cabin, it is equipped with comfortable seating, where you can lie down if the room size allows, and an electric heater with stones for heating. The digital control panel in the most modern models is LED backlit. Completing the equipment supplied: hygrometer, thermometer, and hourglass, as well as a tub with a wooden ladle.

Some of the latest models, designed by famous designers, have a modern and refined design. The saunas can be installed, as well as in the bathroom, in any room of the house, even in the basement, or attic, provided there is a chance to air the room (inside it produces water vapor) and an outlet for ‘ power of the internal heater which produces heat. For this you need to inquire about the scope of the domestic supply: if it were not enough to feed the sauna, should be strengthened.

The sauna installation must be performed by skilled personnel, which also carries out the necessary testing.

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It has internal and external structure in the fir Kyra Hafro sauna with tempered glass doors 8 mm. Equipped with a stove with stones, hourglass, wooden spoon and mastellino, has digital LED backlit control panel. The base has adjustable feet. The insulation is rock wool. Size L 192 x W 192 x H 204 cm. Price, excluding VAT, EUR 10,600. www.hafrogeromin.it

The three levels of seat give the feeling of being supported by the ropes Rope Glass1989 sauna, design Meneghello / Paolelli. Customized available, has wooden structure hemlock and 8 mm tempered glass. It is equipped with a stove with stones and cover slatted wood, touchscreen keyboard with backlit display. Minimum measurements L 209 x P 134 x H 209 cm. Price on request. www.glass1989.it

Ash has external structure of the Finnish sauna Saunas Emoplast lacquered in white and internal Canadian hemlock wood. The benches are made of thick-insulated in solid wood. He has supplied electric stove with lava stone, thermo-hygrometer and washtub with wooden spoon and is available in custom solutions. Size L 200 x W 150 x H 200 cm. Price on request. www.emoplastsaune.com

It inserts it sideways on the front of the control unit of the sauna Inipi B Super Compact Duravit that allows you to set the temperature, timing of the stove and digital hourglass. It is equipped with the ECO function to save power when it is in stand-by mode. It has wooden frame with glass front and is available in corner version or back to wall. Size L 117.5 x W 117 x H 213 cm. Price of the angular version 7,564 euro. www.duravit.it

Benches and platform are suspended off the ground in the Air sauna designed by Talocci for Effegibi with swedish central location. The front wall to ceiling tempered glass 8 mm is crossed by the plan of the benches outside become a handy towel rack and shelf. Price, excluding VAT, of size L 217 x W 162 x H 210 cm 12,700 euro. www.effegibi.it

Frame in Canadian red cedar wood Finnish sauna Elite Stenal custom made and designed. Equipped with electric stove and external keyboard remotable, has walls lined with horizontal strips in relief. The sauna has a temperature between 60 ° C and 90 ° C and a relative humidity of 10-15%. The model in the picture size L 250 x W 190 x H 210 cm. Price on request. www.stenal.it

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