How To Decorate A Small House Of 25 Square Meters

Small House Design – Having the perfect home in the middle of town is not always easy. Especially with the now-inflated home prices that do not match your salary. So, most people now live in an apartment house that only has a small size. The idea now is to find a house that is small and large enough to live in dignity. With a small house area of 25 square meters this makes placement management and decorating is not easy. But, with the idea of decorating the following small house design decor will make the house more spacious and luxurious.

From the designer of the house of German designed by Vjacheslav Zhugin and Olga Ursulenko.With a house that has a small room with the size of 25 square meters. Designed with a super small floor by following Scandinavian design. Thus, with typical Scandinavian decorations of simplicity, white on walls, floors and furniture, luminosity, and others. In addition, it’s full of personality, with mold on the ceiling, white painted brick walls, lots of Elements and lightweight and retro designs.

Small Living Room

This Scandinavian style includes a retro that looks great with the furniture set between modern and vintage. The beauty of small living room is the first place seen when entering the house. By giving the infant decor to your small living room design with stunning interior will make the appearance of your previous small living room to be bigger and very beautiful to look at.

The first thing you can do to design your tiny living room is to give a bright color to your home and interior. This Scandinavian style decor for the living room combined with the dining room is colored white on the walls and floors.

This bright color will give you a luxurious look for your living room. Besides that, you can give the sofa in the corner of the room with a standing lamp that is. Keep in mind do not give too much furniture that is not needed. This is to provide enough space for you and your family to work.

White Wall Painted

By having a small house then, the selection of appropriate furniture needs to be considered further. Because the room is only small so not all rooms have their own location. Like the picture above. Living room and dining room combined into one. But, the laying of appropriate furniture will give the impression that every space has its own territory.

You can also do decoration for your living room with medium frames and wallpaper. And you can also provide a rustic look but do not look shabby by making a house wall of bricks painted white. This will give the impression your room looks luxurious and charming.

With the concept of open space and do not have this bulkhead that becomes an important point to make your small house look more spacious. By combining the main room like a living room and kitchen and dining room will produce a minimalist room. However, still displaying a very beautiful voice for you and your family.

With only 25 square meters of this living room, dining room, kitchen has everything you need to be comfortable and functional. The pictures with designs on the TV cabinet, give color and style to this floor so charming.

In this part of the kitchen, you can provide a table that is not too big for your dining room. Round table is the right table to use because all sides can be used with family. You can also utilize wall of your house to be made a cabinet for storage for goods you use.

With the concept of a charming house and a touch of white color on every corner of the house gives a very charming touch. So, with this will make the room with a small size will still make a comfortable atmosphere for you and your family.

Entrance Small House

The wood floor also white reinforces the feeling of spaciousness and luminosity. With the open concept of this minimalist home, design makes the laying of the home furniture is very important. On this home enterance, you can design by giving wood flooring on all parts of the house. So, small house design does not produce a house that impressed hot and stuffy with the floor is made of cement or objects that produce heat.

The small house design white wood floors in your home will add a cozy atmosphere and are not noisy when walking. And also a great place if you want to relax with family on the floor. In the hall, a wardrobe with sliding doors, a mirror to give a feeling of spaciousness and a coat rack for clothes.

The color palette is really warm, the sofa cushions and the graphic elements are the ones that offer the life-giving touch of this special small house design. So, in every corner of the house becomes a comfortable and bright place and make every thing meaningful.

The cow-chalk is an adorable detail, giving the whole a fun and cool touch.

The small bathroom is painted a striking color between green and bright blue. The top of the toilet offers a built-in storage space.

Maybe it’s not a bathtub full of luxuries, but it’s charming and functional.

The large mirror over the sink helps to give a feeling of spaciousness to the small bathroom. All the elements of the bathroom are completely taken care of by millimeters.

The graphic elements could not be missing in this special bathroom. The old floor looks great with the bathroom remodeling.

Even this bathroom offers space for the washing machine and a towel rack hanging from the wall.

The combination of the painted wall and the white tiles of the bath, contrast in a delicious way, offering interesting contrasts.

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