Interior Of A Small House With Garden Design

In good weather, it is nice to be able to admire houses that have a beautiful outside space like the one we offer you today. It is a small house, with a huge garden, that allows enjoying a great life during the months of better time. The house is decorated following the trend of the Nordic decoration, with the white as the main protagonist and many natural touches that make it warm and welcoming.

This small house is perfect for a couple that has just become independent, as it is a small space although decorated with much pampering and good taste. As we have already said, the white color is the protagonist. We see how white is used on the walls, ceilings, and part of the furniture, creating a visually spacious and clean space.

On the other hand, the use of wood is also visible in soils and other elements of this material that we can see throughout the house. The wood along with other elements like plants helps us to give a certain natural touch to the interior of the house.

We can also see how the modern and the vintage style come together creating an eclectic space despite following features of the Nordic, this is because it is a renovated house, where they have preserved certain elements that help you not lose personality, Such as the kitchen floor, with a checkerboard in black and white.

The most special thing about this house is the exterior, with that garden that contains a space for the enjoyment with family and friends, and that helps us to feel free beyond the four walls of our home.

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