Interior Upholstered Chairs A Sitting More Or Less Soft

The chair must meet, more than any other furniture, to the requirements of functionality, durability and taste. The desire to maximize the potential of different materials and the constant search for innovative solutions has enabled the creation of comfortable furnishings, but also very decorative. Among these also the in & out models, made of plastic or metal material, which can be used both inside and outside: for example, some equip the sitting of mechanisms to achieve the flexibility guaranteed only by a pillow.

The backrest is shaped up to have an ergonomic and wraparound. The finishes are increasingly sought after, faux marble effect to metallic gold, and turn them into real pieces of furniture. The shell is covered with cushions and fabrics to make the soft chairs and cushy. In some models, a special mesh surrounds the body and supports it softly. Wide possibilities of choice as regards the types of support: from traditional legs to the spokes, passing through the slide, to meet the different requirements (for the living room, the study/work, relaxation).

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It is upholstered in the tartan fabric on the inside of Tria Simple fabric of Colé Italian. It has four legs in solid natural oak and the shell made from beech plywood. Size L 52 x W 58.4 x H 81.5 cm.

Feel Good by Flexform approaches to the metal legs a structure in stiff polyurethane and polyurethane foam. It is entirely covered in fine leather or fabric. The stylish design and quality materials make it a timeless piece. Size L 48 x W 57 x H 85 cm.

It renewed the variety of stands available Flow Chair of MDF, the session with the polycarbonate shell that can be padded with a removable polyurethane insulation and quilted polyester batting. Size L 60 x W 56 x H 80.5 cm.

The seat and backrest of Calligaris Web are covered in soft and durable breathable mesh fabric that makes them especially comfortable. The structure is in metal painted matt tube and is equipped with a practical handle in painted metal on the back post. It is stackable. Size L 48x P 54.5 x H 83 cm.

It is the result of extensive ergonomic study Valentina Mara, the easy chair to move and stackable. The frame is aluminum with a soft line; It is upholstered in two types of fabric or leather. Size L 46 x W 58 x H 91 cm.

Hug Infiniti has two symmetrical halves in beech or oak plywood together and covered in fabric. In addition to the coating, it is also possible to choose the base, four legs, four-spoke polished aluminum, painted or wood, swivel chair. Size L 57.2 x W 56 x H 82 cm.

The chair of Lights On L58, designed by Studio Gellner, has wooden frame and upholstered seat and back, upholstered in leather (red, white or black). Size L 53 x W 46 x H 77 cm.

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