Kitchen: A Space With Many Identities

Personalization is a key word for Snaidero in the kitchen design, thanks to the wide possibilities of available solutions (templates, forms, sizes, finishes). Snaidero takes us on a journey to discover the different ways of living the kitchen space. Understood as a creative universe, it made unique depending on the different needs, starring three collections – ICONS, SYSTEM and EVERYONE – that precisely reflect different design and stylistic aspirations: the author’s design, played by ICONS world, speaks to those who love the ‘ impeccable quality of the sign of the great Italian masters of industrial design; tailoring projects of SYSTEM collection is aimed at those who, in their own space, value individuality, flexibility of solutions, both compositions of matter is; and finally, EVERYONE, dedicated to the new generations, offers solutions characterized by a balanced mix of creativity and design accessible.

For the collection icons, copyright design of the Heritage Kitchen

Designed by Iosa Ghini and recently presented at Eurocucina, Heritage belongs to the Icons collection. Welcoming and modern, with natural surfaces softly molded, it defines a comfortable space, where the praticita` is combined with the idea of ??warmth and memory. The unique frame design sash, made of elm wood, is the result of an order of modern cabinetry work and reinterpretation of traditional decor. Heritage – a cultured resumption of classicita` intended as a measure, elegance, harmony and set design – is ultimately a cuisine that looks to design culture typically Italian.

A sophisticated mix of vintage and classic proportions suggestions takes place in the kitchen Frame, Massimo Iosa Ghini, again for the collection Icons, refined expression of a domestic imagery of classic inspiration but with chic industrial contamination in the use of materials, volumes, solids and voids with industrial evocations and style recommendations sophisticated aesthetic research. A self-supporting steel structure functionally and aesthetically characterizes the product, appearing in some specific points identified between wall cabinets, beds, cabinets and island.

System for collection, tailoring projects of Look and Loft

Look, designed by Michael Marcon, it is within the collection a contemporary timeless product system, a kitchen designed to tailor-made design elements of great personality, with a high level of customization and a strong protagonism of the volumes in the spaces. Among its distinctive features, the absence of handle and opening the throat; exasperation of the open elements up to the ceiling, to open spaces on the living-designed; hanging at full height to optimize the containment; minimalism “warmed” by details that decorate the space, such as new decorative strips for cabinets that if after some time you get tired of the choice can be replaced. The interiors have been perfectly organized with the new collection Interior Master key, exclusively designed for Snaidero, open and flexible system based on containers and tools that allow you to configure and organize the interior spaces freely.

Also in the collection system, the kitchen Loft, also designed by Michael Marcon, is an expression of the more recent trends “urban”: compact and sturdy furniture in wood effect laminate “experienced,” combined with materials that belong to nature: wood , metal and glass, combined to create an atmosphere lived. The identity of the metro project and its “used” style, living, emerging from a contaminated use of different surfaces: wood of the doors, material and natural, mixed with pewter finish; the metal effect of the most graphic details, such as open cabinets with painted aluminum structure in the new pewter finish; hoods, always pewter finish the evident industrial inspiration and new wall units with wired glass in bronze finish. The skillful composition of these ingredients allows for different interpretations of the project: rough, industrial or, rather, essential and elegant.

Dedicated to those who have always dreamed of one pantry space or utility room in the kitchen, with Loft also it created the new Container Snaidero, a room within a room, functional and smart, perfectly integrated to the kitchen and to use as a laundry room, pantry or “mixed”. Available in two sizes 150 and 220 cm.

For the collection Everyone, the kitchen First “beautiful and possible”

Young and accessible, First Kitchen is part of the new Everyone collection, which offers an idea of ??the dream home kitchen, with a low cost: an ideal that becomes reality thanks to a furniture design which combines maximum functionality and design copyright for a contemporary environment. Balanced mix of creativity and flexibility, First kitchen has an essential and minimalist design, which is expressed in the absence of handle and opening the front with throat. The living system Everyone collection offers numerous solutions and sought to create smooth transitions between spaces and their functions. A wide range of functional solutions: open elements and shelves and paneling systems allow you to design shared spaces in a continuous and harmonious.

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Collection icons:
Extremely current through a careful balance between the recovery of classical icons and modern rhythms, the Heritage project starring the wood. The framed door with no handle and unghiatura is made of elm. Natural, material, sensory, she responds reassuringly, the big trend of the moment, especially in the more skilled end of the market, making use of joinery finishing finishes and unique design details, which keep the warmth and quality of classic furniture. The solidita` material of the doors in the bases is relieved from the solution with a glass wall units with Inglesina. In the composition in the photo, elm doors Fokos, type of Carrara marble, stainless steel hood of 180 cm.

In the kitchen Frame by Iosa Ghini Design, Icons collection, the fulcrum represented by the metal frame structure that houses the hood, the central element of the project as it helps to define what “industrial” spirit, but at the same time professional environment: and `available in 180, 120 and 90 cm and 150 cm room centerpiece wall versions, and can be positioned on the wall or on the island. The midway equipment, settled in practical stainless steel brackets for holding cans and small tools, offers funzionalita` and comfort in the operation. The composition in the photo is lacquered gray foam mat with open elements in stainless steel; Granite Coffee Brown, however, the work plan.

Collection system: Look Snaidero is proposed here with doors in matt gray Uranus and worktops satin absolute black granite. Counter and the hood covering are in Sepia oak. The fronts are in melamine resin and jute Dark ash wood. quartz worktop raven Sand matte.

System collection: the kitchen Loft combines raw materials, from wood and oxidized metals. Clear reference to an industrial imagery, the new Nolita handle made of pewter finish is the synthesis of perfect funzionalita`, for all who seek ergonomic, praticita` and strong personalities. Here Loft is presented with fronts in melamine Canyon oak; Top Pewter laminate and white laminate Arctic; wired glass roof color Bonzo; open elements Pewter painted aluminum. Collection system: Look Snaidero is proposed here with doors in matt gray Uranus and worktops satin absolute black granite. Counter and the hood covering are in Sepia oak. The fronts are in melamine resin and jute Dark ash wood. quartz worktop raven Sand matte.

Everyone Collection: First of Snaidero kitchen is a project without handle: provides an aesthetic minimalist and timeless, but at the same time, lively and contemporary, thanks to the compositional possibilities possible. Open shelves, tops and counters bespoke, customizable profiles, living solutions: an authentic Total Living project. Through a plain door, rigorous and essential, a throat opening and a textural possibilities range of big trend. Price: from 5.000 euro.

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