Kitchens: funzionalita` the first price

Kitchens designed as an initial option for the first home of young couples and singles, also called first price kitchens or entry-level, in addition, to reinterpreting the aesthetic standards of the higher-end models offer the same level of functionality. Sometimes even higher, given the constraints of the generally small size and the possibility, given the target to which they are intended, to dare and to experiment a bit ‘more. It is open systems for processing time and can be implemented with other collections of each brand that, despite the affordable price, are characterized from the outset by the wide range of compositional possibilities, in order to meet the needs and ways of living very different.

Containers per day, compact volumes and different plans to build small-scale architectures that solve space exploiting every available centimeter: from online developments in support of a single wall to more complex solutions, maybe open in the living room, the latest trend in accordance with transformations of homes and domestic habits. Studied from an ergonomic point of view, rich in accessories and complements, the entry-level kitchens are now simply the younger sisters of the higher-end models, essential to give the possibility to young people to buy quality products – aesthetically, functional pleasing, modular, often with eco-friendly materials – at an affordable price.

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Moon Arredo3 born from the union of functionality and style, aesthetic and design intelligence. An entry-level system only in price, which solves the kitchen environment in accordance with different tastes and needs, thanks to the range of compositional possibilities and materials, and which also opens to the living area with volumes and open spaces with clean lines. The pictured solution has columns and hanging tobacco-colored and white bases elm finish, with of unicolor (color 301) laminate often 2 cm and 6 cm thick counter unicolor laminate countertop. Price on request.

Cromatika of Doimocucine, the historical model of the company over time updated according to trends and technical innovations, in the latest version combines practicality and simplicity: clean lines, natural colors, modern materials for highly functional solutions. Durable and modular has declined in opaque colored laminates, as in the photo, or wood effect (in four oak tones). Prices: basic sink 2 baskets 90 cm, 357 EUR; minicolumn oven W 60 x H 132 cm, 239 Euros, minicolumn refrigerator from L 60 x H 132 cm, 218 euro.

Fyndig Ikea condensing everything you need on one wall: white laminate worktop Fyndig, Fyndig sink with single lever mixer Lagan, glass-ceramic hob with four zones Lagan, colored steel wall hood Lagan, Lagan oven at three functions, fridge/freezer 309 The class a + with lED light. Covered with melamine, it is also available in white/red and birch effect. As handles are used Losjön knobs. The photos in composition measure 243 x P 65 cm L: price, with appliances included, 925 euro.

Bring, program Stosa Look System collection, thanks to the compact volumes suited to tight spaces where there is need to make the most of even a wall. The curved end and finishes of material laminated in four current colors (White Wave, tranché pearl, shell, lava gray) or lacquered both transparencies are opaque (in twenty-two colors available) give personality to the system, particularly designed from an ergonomic point of view. The price of a basic module with door 60 cm from 132 EUR.

Mechanics Demode engineered by Valcucine was created to give the possibility to young people to buy an environmentally friendly product at an affordable price. Dematerialized, with a completely naked structure to enhance and complete at will with shelves and baskets to view, be implemented in stages, it involves two types of doors: a more traditional pine plywood in different colors with aniline dyes and an innovative elastic technical fabric (as pictured). The plan is to Re-y-Stone®, biocomposito material post-consumer recycled paper and natural resin fibrous residue of the processing of sugar cane. Price on request.

Tablet.Go the Quick Design of Veneta Cucine collection combines creative simplification and new features, sticking to high customization and competitive price: simplified compositions, rich in solutions, they are declined according to contrasting combinations of flat and frame surfaces, natural finishes, and vibrant colors. With the possibility of integrating structurally and aesthetically the living area seamlessly with the kitchen. 60 cm base with recessed handle and profile: price 189 Euros.

Tweet Zampieri is a young and dynamic kitchen, modern and functional “connect” with the rest of the house. thread the wainscoting that picks up the # symbol of social media and connect cabinets and countertop, kitchen and living area. The modular systems and multifunctional peninsula ensure greater flexibility, while the finishes in melamine (Thermal acacia or bleached) and lacquered in several colors (white in the picture with blue handle) make it accessible to all. A maxi lacquer matte base with hinged door 60 cm costs 252 euro.

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