Kitchens With Peninsula An Element That Divides But Especially Unites

Open on the living, with snack counter and stools or breakfast bar, modern kitchens we offer are perfect for those who want to have an open-plan living area, a kitchen and living room one unit. Solution in environments Large guarantees impressive results in smaller ones optimizes space also at the center of the room and divide the local areas in a functional way.

Informal and welcoming, the compositions designed so are suitable for those who want to live immersed in a convivial but also marked its operations of the kitchen-living room, combining work and relaxation. The snack counter, countertop par excellence but also home to a privileged conviviality “fast” and young, for a drink with friends or a quick lunch in the family, is just the link between the operational spheres of the kitchen, convivial the dining area and comfortable conversation area in perfect continuity with each other.

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Maxim Stosa Kitchens has framed doors in a pastel finish in neutral colored dune Ash and silk shades. The alternation between compact volumes and open elements lightens the composition, also the bar with open end creates continuity with the living. The handle in polished chrome becomes a décor details. A base module with doors, price 170 euro.

Start-Time.go 28 of Veneta Cucine is an open space Compact model with clean lines accentuated by light colors. The bases and wall units have doors opening to the throat Gloss Marron Mocaccino and Green Sea and Olmo Light and Dark finish. A 60 cm base, Price 187,90 € for the basic version.

Code of Snaidero has an ergonomic design that transforms into domestic operations center. It is characterized by the presence of bases, wall units and open elements with different sizes and shapes to give life to “compositions tailored”; delicate pastel shades make a fresh and welcoming atmosphere. Price on request.

Diesel Social Kitchen Scavolini is a corner kitchen with open living on the peninsula. The doors of the bases are in Oak varnished knotty Tempera Black lit from top Spotless Steel Metal 6 cm thick. The wall units are equipped with wired glass that highlights the vintage look. Price on request.

Fjord Doimo Cucine is an industrial model with numerous metal details such as the top and back in steel with pewter finish and the compartments in sheet. Suspended bases are in gray cotton finish and wall units are lacquered colored rope. The table wedged into the operating block creates an additional floor of multifunction support. A suspended base with doors, price 299 €.

Ice Industrial Edition of Febal House is dominated by the presence of the large wooden bar supported by a metal stand which emphasizes the industrial atmosphere: a plan that allows you to eat, work and live fully in the kitchen area. A 60 cm module, price 145 euro.

Sunny Berloni is a young and contemporary solution that combines elements with ennobled doors in wood finish and monolaccati in vibrant hues. The peninsula has the plan that also functions as a handy snack counter. A 60 cm base price € 147 for the basic version.

Ocean Mobilturi has the doors without handles that emphasize the intensity of staining Petroleum and lacquered gloss white of the different elements. The light bar closes the composition and allows you to live the kitchen area. Price on request.

Tweet Zampieri Kitchens is the composition with bases, columns and wall units lacquered hemp brightened by the yellow handles. The plan snacks has the yellow metal structure with the top in melamine acacia bleached as the back of the paneling. The maxi basic with standard door size L 60 x W 56 x H 81 cm. Price 323.30 euro.

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