Libraries : Multi Function Wall Units

Contain, display, they offer a plan of support or backrest for television, and in some cases also incorporate the study area: the modern libraries are modular multifunctional furniture, which lends itself to standard solutions otherwise assembled to occupy the most space available. The wall is well equipped undisputed star of contemporary living, modern “hearth” pet around which the life of the whole family. Typically the most complete and flexible systems also provide the ability to enter into the composition corner modules, to maximize space and not give up centimeters often very useful.

Brooklyn 31 Esalinea composition is characterized by the presence of a door covered in gold foil that stands in the structure with large shelves in the elegant dark oak finish. The cabinet can also be positioned in the center room because it is finished on the back. Size L 170 x W 45 x H 208 cm. Price 2,598 EUR.

Logo Leroy Merlin is an organized modular wall, customizable and adaptable to any environment. The supporting structure is made of white painted aluminum can easily be cut to fit different spaces, shelves and drawers in melamine they can be adjusted in height. It is guaranteed for two years. Size L 470 x W 50 x H 220 cm. Price 1361.38 euro.

Giessegi is an equipped corner cabinet in birch and lacquered finish in the refined nuance mink. It is available in many different colors, shiny or matte, to match the rest of the decor. Size L 289/256 x D 58 x H 207 cm. Price 4755.56 euro.

Lgm 01 Clei is a mobile with a dual function: the day is a wall equipped with a large tilting table; at night, with a rotational movement is transformed into a bed with slatted base. Price on request.

Living Motus by Scavolini allows you to harmoniously integrate the living room and the kitchen thanks to the Fluid wall that creates a stylish storage library. The structure is made of decorative Grey Gull matt lacquered elements Tortora and Lichen Green. Price on request.

Selecta Lema is a real wall architecture customizable with a large compartment TV that allows you to also place a big screen; the alternation between the open and closed elements makes the lightweight composition. The doors are matt and glossy lacquered Mud Algae, the compartments have a colored background Avio. Price on request.

Kali of Arredo is a laminate composition matt whiteboard lit by open elements amber. The presence of ‘projecting element, which can be used both as a support surface is as desk, it allows to organize a small study. Price on request.

Over Cucine Lube is a wall / bookcase made of precious materials such as veneer of Oak Aged wood paneling that “warms” the structure of large snow-white forms. Price on request.

Complements 46 Scandola is a composition of classical flavor is made entirely of solid fir in mink hue and is characterized by large containers and windows interspersed with each other by a wall panel with shelves and lower beds with drawers that double as door-tv. Size L 375 x W 61 x H 235 cm. The paneling retro TV measuring 183 cm, price 236.68 euro.

Cubus of Team7 is a system made entirely of precious natural solid wood that can be customized to create solutions “tailored.” The wood core allows the sound to rapidly spread, is also present a ‘elegant LED lighting and a cable management system. Price on request.

System Cabinet Porro is a modular system characterized by large racks day; the center is placed the new suspended sliding door made of heat treated oak that shields the TV revealing a blue backdrop illuminated by LED light. The reduced depth wall units are in walnut. Price on request.

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