Mattresses: The Rules To Keep Them Looking Their Best

We spend about a third of our lives asleep, but we often forget how important it is to keep clean and keep it well as long as possible our mattress. The Italian producers Consortium quality mattresses ( which brings together some major industry brands summed up a series of useful tips to arrange for their proper maintenance. First, when buying, better to choose a removable model, which has superior hygienic characteristics: the outer lining can be removed and washed by following the directions given by the manufacturer. Additional protection from dust and stains is achieved using sovrafodere sponge or cotton.
For routine maintenance, the golden rule, simple and useful, provides that the mattress should be left uncovered and “breathe” at least ten minutes a day. The exposure to air is able to very effectively prevent the stagnation of humidity and the formation of bad odors. To protect the inner layers, the mattress should never be shaken, bent or beaten with the carpet beater. And dust mites are eliminated using the flat brush for the vacuum cleaner fabrics, while maintaining the appliance at low power. Before starting any cleaning, more invasive, whether to eliminate a stain or proceeding to dry cleaning, the experts of the Consortium suggest caution.
You should consult the regulations for use and maintenance instructions provided in the card at time of purchase and read the recommendations on the label (in the image below, a useful reminder to the meaning of the most common symbols): to inform us properly washing will put us safe from possible nasty surprises. In general, the mattress do not clean either with water or with steam appliances to avoid generating moisture in the more internal layers.

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Charlotte Valflex exploits the elasticity of polyurethane spheres of different density contained within the sheet MindFoam® Memory Effect. Removable, has a 3D side band Air System that wicks away perspiration. Produced in various standard sizes and oversized. Price on request.

Tuscany Cotton experience on Magniflex is realized with natural fabrics 100%, enriched with aloe vera extract and essential oils. The coating is cotton with 3D band to promote perspiration. The standard size of 160 x 190 cm, price 1135 EUR.

The Curem line of Hilding Anders Italy uses a special type of memory foam for comfort and breathability. In the collection they are proposed three models, depending on the height of the plate: Heaven Forte 19 (20 cm), Heaven 22 Forte (23 cm) and Heaven Forte 25 (26 cm). For the individual with size L 80 x W 190 x H 20 cm, price 749 euro.

Created to accompany all stages of growth of children aged 3 to 14 years, Flip Dorelan has several differentiated lift areas to adapt to different body areas, according to the height. It consists of three layers of Myform. L 80 x W 190 x H 21 cm. Price 590 euro.

Biomemo of Simam is composed of a 18 cm high with solid core in pure latex coupled to a layer of viscoelastic memory with slow return. The three areas of different capacity respect the natural sinusoidal shape of the spine. An elastic sottofodera protects solid when unlined. For the double version L 170 x W 200 x H 22 cm, price 1426 EUR.

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