Modern And Functional Mountain Home And That Saves Energy

mountain home, inspired by the past and the traditional rules of mountain style, but played on a sophisticated look of modernity, thanks to the research of the design study that followed the restructuring and who reinterpreted with originality and personality of the classic idiom ‘ Alpine architecture. Part of a building with four levels, dating back to the sixties, this apartment in the center of Cortina, the pearl of the Dolomites, on the top floor and the attic of the complex, stirring so superior tradition and innovation, knowledge and craftsmanship and design.
The project, which sees the protagonist wood as in the best traditions of mountain areas, focused on the optimization of the interior spaces – total removal of pre-existing internal partitions and thinning of the floor between the two plans, in order to gain height in the attic – and the improvement of energy performance, thanks to a new external insulation and installation of fixtures with excellent insulating performance.

The alpine character of this mountain home is underlined by the use of fir wood, protagonist of Dolomite landscape and all the home interiors: ceiling with exposed beams, floors covered with a second coating tables, custom furniture always the same essence, but antiqued and brushed to enhance the texture and the contrast with the modern simplicity of the design. Few stone elements – the kitchen worktop, the new external staircase connecting – break the material uniformity, as well as the backbone of the attic floor, built with metal elements from the industrial character deliberately left visible.

The study of the spaces ensures privacy for each functional island – kitchen, dining area, living room, bedroom in the attic – without giving up a development from open space, devoid of visual partitions.


The dining area, housed in a corner of the living room, features a square table designed and made to measure, with solid fixed base. The sessions, contemporary, reminiscent of the typical design of mountain chairs, reinterpreted in a minimalist and modern. All furnishings are made to measure, as the thin console under either window or element cracks that hides the heating system.


Extremely essential sign, the cuisine combines the classic veining and nodature wood fir the formal clarity of marble Grigio Tao, which gives a more technical touch to the collection. The composition is entirely customized, including the wall units, in order to optimize the available space.


Spacious and bright, the living room is an articulate open space, in which the designers have managed to create a certain intimacy for each functional area. dining and kitchen area are for example separated from the stairwell access to the floor by the supporting structure on the upper floor.


It dominates the living room is a large corner sofa upholstered in fabric in a natural finish that incorporates the nuances of the wooden planks of the pine paneling, the floor and ceiling beams. Also made to measure, it is partially protected from the stairs leading to the attic, to plans and fir.


The niches in the back wall of the living room with a particularly spectacular LED lighting – Wall washer with double beam – give a touch more sophisticated environment, while enhancing functionality.


The great brightness of the space, thanks to their large windows, is also aided by large portions of the perimeter walls plastered in white, a trick also useful to give a less rustic and more modern environment.


The stairs leading to the apartment, covered with fir wood, is attached to the outside of porphyry, completely redone and located on the north side of the building facade alongside a lift.


The small bathroom proceeds next to the dining area of ​​the rest of the house uses the same materials, but focusing on a current finish in shades of gray for the walls and ceiling with recessed lighting. One way to mitigate the warmth of wood in favor of more technical and contemporary aura.


The whole living room is topped by the loft which houses the master bedroom (second bedroom with walk-in closet is concealed in the apartment behind the big sofa). The supporting metal structure, vaguely industrial flavor, is detached deliberately looks more classic and traditional of the wood beams and at the same time the project intervention.


Entirely custom-made, even the small lightweight ladder leading to the attic, resting on a wooden box that serves as a table top, and at the same time discrete separation of the functional areas of the wide open space.


Also custom-made, always spruce wood – resin on the walls to become more waterproof – The main bathroom in the attic has a large panoramic window overlooking the Tofane, which leads to a terrace “pocket” made on the roof. A dramatic solution that allows you to take a shower almost in the open air.


The resin of the fir wood on the walls, shower and washbasin makes impervious surfaces and at the same silky to the touch and elegant at the sight. Stirring so wise warmth and coldness, tradition and design. Here too, all the furnishings are made to measure, in order to make the most of every available centimeter.


Every detail is designed and crafted with great attention: here a detail of the closet door set in the attic, the high materiality thanks to the veins and knots of fir boards.


Satin-pitched skylights and a large window with a balcony from the scenic views of the surrounding landscape ensure the brightness of the attic, characterized by beams and wooden ceiling and floor beams. And while dematerialize the architectural shell leaving to run the view to the sky or the horizon.


mansard furnishing single loft double bed, positioned to enjoy the best views of the openings in groundwater and double French doors. A choice that makes the protagonist architectural space and the building envelope, transforming this space separated from the rest of the house almost in a private retreat in its own right, despite the lack of a regular partition of the loft.

Plant Downstairs


Plant floor attic


Project: Outline Studio
Made furniture: Joinery D’Inca Castion (BL).
Photo: Elisa D’Inca

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