Modern Eclectic Apartment Design In Lyon

Today we bring you a spacious apartment with an eclectic style that draws your attention to your personality. We can see how this apartment is located on an old farm. The apartment has very high ceilings, with wooden beams and parts of stone construction, something that suggests that the apartment has been redesigned in a building with many years of antiquity.

One of the things that draw the attention of this apartment is the mixture of styles that we observe, giving it a unique and differentiated component. We see how the modern is intermingled with the old, industrial and vintage. The eclectic style makes our decoration look really unique, unlike any other.

As for the chromatic ranges, we see how the white walls mix with the walls of a grayish indigo blue, this type of color despite being cold, is tempered by the wooden beams of the ceiling, which being The view, give great warmth to the interior.

The separate kitchen is not too large but is comfortable, perfect for the use we want to give. It has a kitchen island where we can eat and cook, something that makes it practical and functional. The outstanding part of the floor, with vintage tiles with borders.

The rooms are also spacious and decorated in warm tones that invite relaxation and disconnection. In addition, one of them is separated by a door of what would be the office, creating a differentiated place between the place to sleep and the place to work.

The rest of the house has many elements of all types and styles, giving it that eclectic touch that we have been highlighting from the beginning.

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