Multi Color Sofas To Furnish In Joy

Choose a sofa with multicolored lining (even two-tone) is certainly an option not obvious, very personal. In some cases it has effects even spectacular. A padded supercolorato is certainly able to attract attention and to transform the look of the entire stay. Near perfect light furniture and allow us to give the best results in coordinating other elements in the environment: a curtain or a carpet that includes the color of the sofa, or even a large painting on the wall.

Mostly modular, often they approach different elements of different colors, giving life to a real custom color palette, to be adapted to the style of the apartment, ranging from bright shades reminiscent of the rainbow to those in softer tones.

The form of upholstery, never conventional, usually from the square lines and rounded, then gives prominence to color. Some models approach the size modules and different depth, articulated in compositions with a distinct personality, real “islands” in which to relax and rest or chat with friends.


Swing Clei is equipped with a sliding peninsula in three positions, it can be reclined and has a handy container under the seat; also it is integrated with a modular system wall day and quickly converts into a double bed with slatted base and aluminum frame. Price on request.


Myyour is a modular model that can be used both indoors and outdoors: made Poleasy® and covered in outdoor fabric. The elements can be combined with a simple hook. A measuring module L 79 x W 69.5 x H 93 cm. Price € 470 for the basic version.


Rodolfo Lovethesign consists of upholstered modules in polyurethane foam covered in colored polyester; elements with different shapes and colors allow you to create personalized compositions. A measuring module L 82.39 x W 74.51 x 74.51 cm H. Price 159 euro.


The Michetta Meritalia is a furniture that is part of the history of design: it is formed by padded elements with different shapes held together in continuous succession by a steel bracket and characterized by the capitonné. Price on request.


Floride Maisons du monde is a corner sofa five places entirely covered with cotton in gray and aubergine shades lit by aniseed elements. Size L 240 x W 240 x H 65 cm. Price 990.90 euro.


Undercover Zanotta is a model with removable two-tone finish in bright shades of orange, yellow and red; the legs are made of polished aluminum alloy. Price on request.


Modulates Calia Italy allows you to create different combinations thanks to different sized modules, but with a tall backrest and welcoming, the wide armrests and a chaise longue. The microfibre cover is removable. Size L 400 x W 193 x H 93 cm. Price 4,350 € for the basic version.


Pouffy of My home collection is modular, formed by elements with or without a backrest, characterized by the presence of a black belt which designs its shape; The wooden structure is covered in polyurethane and covered with removable fabric. A module with backrest size L 90 x W 88 x H 72 cm. Price 1,225 € for the basic version.


Parcours Roche Bobois is a corner composition covered in multicolored fabric; the backs are double depth with rocker mechanism, the seats are quilted. The module chaise longue size L 96 x W 142 x H 80 cm. Price 1,500 € for the basic version.


Oblong Cappellini System
is formed by a series of sessions, with different depths, assembled that allow to give life to a sided composition; the elements are padded with expanded polyurethane, fiber and feather and covered with removable fabric in pastel shades. Price on request.

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