New Interior Bedroom In Light Colors

The rooms furnished with white furniture or in neutral tones of beige and taupe create a relaxing and pleasant environment, ideal for resting. They are refined, but most do not get tired and do not go out of style. They come in classic or modern, so it can be given to the style of any type of house. To renew or follow the trend of the moment, just add a touch of color: a bedspread, pillow, rug … They have especially the advantage of creating a visual effect of more space, a result which can then be amplified by the inclusion Wall a large mirror, maybe over the classic chest of drawers or dresser.

CONTEMPORARY STYLE Di Calligaris, fabric bed C-Max, lined with sand-colored fabric, is completely removable and has chromed metal feet; the headboard is made comfortable by a pair of removable quilted pillows. Size L 190 x W 218 x H 135 cm .; Price 1,790 EUR. The City has two bedside drawers in glossy white lacquered wood and glass top. Size L 50 x W 45 x H 45 cm; Price 366 euro. The coordinated weekly City size L 50 x W 45 x H 137 cm; Price 916 euro.

RETRO STYLE. In the room entirely decorated by Cantori, Cyrus the bed is made entirely from full drawn iron in glossy white finish. Size L 164 x W 214 x H 110 cm. Price 1,850 EUR. The bedside table with solid wood frame and Ischia white finish size L 56.5 x W 41 x H 54 cm; price 728 euro; coordinated dresser have drawers with full extension slides, size L 122.2 x W 51.5 x H 80 cm; Price 1,814 EUR. The cabinet has the iron handles laser cut, size L 127 x W 63 x H 195 cm; Price 3,146 EUR.

STYLE ESSENTIAL In Ikea bedroom, the bed Nordli has tilted headboard to allow you to read and work on the PC comfortably. Size L 165 x W 212 x H 100 cm. Price 219 euro. The bedside coordinated size L 30 x W 50 x H 67 cm; Price 69,90 euro. The console table Malm is equipped with wheels to move it where it is needed; size L 191 x P 36 x H 73.5 cm; Price 72,50 euro.

TRADITIONAL STYLE. In the sleeping area furnished by Le Fablier, privet bedroom has a padded headboard upholstered in faux leather and structure in brushed ash. Size L 175 x W 222 x H 100 cm. Price € 1,021 (on promotion until 12.21.2013 800 EUR). The nightstands coordinated Muscari two-drawer measure L 57 x W 40 x H 57 cm; the price of 586 euro each. (On promotion until 21.12.2013 505 EUR). The Lauro dresser with four drawers in brushed ash available in various finishes has the firebrand Le Fablier that distinguishes originals from imitations, size L 132 x W 53 x H 96 cm, price € 1,417 (discounted up to 21/12 / 2013 1,180 €). The Holly closet in brushed ash has two sliding doors with smoked mirror, size L 295 x W 67 x H 250 cm; Price € 3,395 (on promotion until 12.21.2013 to EUR 3,110).

MODERN STYLE. All Doimo Design, the Milord bed has a soft line, is completely removable upholstery. Size L 199 x W 233 x H 77 cm. Price 1,668 EUR. The Swing bedside tables in matt lacquered oak measure L 55 x W 43.3 x H 43.3 cm; price in the basic version of 430 EUR. The tallboys Swing coordinated measure L 62 x W 53.5 x H 121.6 cm; price in the basic version 1.098 euro each. The cabinet Discovery, equipped with flat sliding doors with matt white lacquered oak and glossy white panels, size L 274.5 x W 59 x H 254.5 cm; Price 1,825 € in the basic version.

CHIC STYLE. In the room Giessegi, the bed Mississippi is entirely covered in white faux leather and has a linear design. Size L 183 x W 222 x H 90 cm. Price 1817.80 euro. The Memory tables with lacquered matt white surface measuring 54.2 L x W 43.1 x H 56 cm; Price 407.48 € each. The coordinated dresser size L 134.1 x W 55.2 x H 88.8 cm; Price 991.86 euro. The cabinet matt white Armony size L 277 x W 66 x H 262 cm; Price 2737.68 euro.

COUNTRY STYLE. The bed Dune collection The Decorated Scandola is polished lacquer and alcohol has a refined aged ivory finish and is decorated with paintings of sunflowers bouquets. Size L 173 x W 204 x H 108 cm. Price 2049.60 euro. The bedside table Large size L 48 x W 40 x H 73 cm; Price 634.40 euro. Elisa, The cabinet is equipped with three doors and three drawers, size L 210 x W 66 x H 225 cm; Price 4992.24 euro.

NORDIC STYLE. In Flow furnished room, the Swabian bedroom has a Nordic design and is made of solid Canaletto walnut; the rest plane is equipped with adjustable slats. Size L 175 x W 217 x H 97 cm. Price 3,494 EUR excluding mattress and linens. The matching bedside table has a drawer, size L 45 x W 45 x H 47 cm; Price 1,482 EUR. The cabinet Wardrobe Modular 16:32 with double doors covered in completely removable fabric measuring L 290.5 x W 63 x H 259 cm; Price 3,120 excluding internal equipment.

STYLE SUMPTUOUS. The Prestige bed Saber Furniture has the headboard upholstered in faux leather printed coconut embellished with mirror inserts. Size L 193 x W 236 x H 112 cm. The price of the basic version 3.310 euro. The bedside tables and matching dresser are characterized by a curved shape and jeweled handles. The Star cabinet with two doors with tinted mirrors measuring 182.2 L x W 62 x H 255 cm; the price of the basic version 3,832 euro.

STYLE OTTOCENTO. All of Signorini & Coco in the bedroom with Carlotta, which is inspired by the neoclassical models and is decorated with elegant columns. Size L 180 x W 206 x H 129 cm. The bedside coordinated with a measuring tray L 60 x W 39 x H 70 cm. The toilet size L 186 x P 45 H 77.5 cm. The price of the composition consisting of the bed, two bedside tables and toilets EUR 9,500.

ZEN STYLE. The bed Ilaria wood Conforama in oak finish has the head with a linear design with LED lights. Size L 197 x W 208 x H 88 cm. Price 349 euro. The bedside coordinated size L 55 x W 39 x H 38 cm; Price 79,90 €; the chest of drawers with three drawers, has depreciated closures, size L 116 x W 48 x H 81 cm; Price 279 euro. The wardrobe with two sliding doors with mirror size L 249 x W 63 x H 220 cm; Price 799 euro.

STYLE neo-baroque. All of the Stilema in the bedroom with St Tropez entirely leather-wrapped dove gray with feet shaped steel and sinuous lines that are inspired by the eighteenth-century models; It is made with artisan care in certified solid wood. Size L 188 x W 215 x H 152 cm. Price 2,345 EUR. The lacquer bedside tables, decorated with a diamond pattern and knobs design, measure 60 L x W 42 x H 62 cm; Price 1,645 EUR each. The coordinated dresser size L 141 x W 54 x H 100 cm; Price 1855 euro.

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