Open Kitchen and Dining Room of a Modern House Tastefully Designed

Today we present the kitchen/living/dining room of this modern apartment of complex design thanks to the irregular shape of the ceilings. It is a traditional floor of the province of Brescia, in Lombardy. The idea that they had in designing this project is to fulfill the needs that the couple had explained to them that they had, hence the whole design is thought in a functional way.

We can say that we are facing a minimalist and contemporary design. The use of simple lines and the care of space show us once again how intelligently we can get what we want without the need for many furniture or objects.

The kitchen is open to the living room, making the space look much larger with the naked eye, something that also happens thanks to the use of white and light gray. Metal and wood are also important features in this apartment. Something curious and striking is the shape of the dining table, elongated, reminiscent of an American bar rather than a table in itself.

From the kitchen we would also highlight the storage systems designed so that although small, it can be useful to store all those things that we need. In the kitchen, it is essential to think very well in space, taking advantage of all the corners so that later we have no problems storing food or utensils.

The living room is also designed with this simplicity that makes it very practical for those who live in the apartment.We can see as a simple wooden board just like furniture for the TV, and as just below we find two extra seats for when guests come.

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